Predictions 2012: The Setting Sun, a New Dawn or Just Another Day?


How can anyone predict the future when quantum physics confirms that there are an infinite number of alternate realities?

“Look out for that truck!” In most realities, you stopped in time, you lived. However, in some branch reality out there in the universe, you got hit by the truck.

“Darn, my lottery numbers were no good again!” However, in some branch reality, you won the lottery.

These are individual, personal paths in a crazy quantum universe of perception, but my guide Tibus has taught me that there are certain over-riding events which happen in almost every branch of reality for a group, a species, a planet, even a galaxy.

Such events are the movers and shakers of Earth’s history and Earth’s future path in almost every time line. It is these “umbrella events” on which I place the most emphasis, and on which my Predictions for 2012 are based

Just one more thing: The most difficult skill in making predictions is the time element. One can perceive the path that is being taken, for instance, by the glacial melt which is happening (or has already happened, melting completed), across the planet. However, does the last drop of water trickle into the sea in December 2012 or January 2013, or 2016? To us down here on Earth, those time spans sound far apart, but in the cosmic flow, they are split seconds apart. I’m not making excuses, am merely stating that hitting the right moment is much harder than perceiving the event itself in its general flow of unfolding.

Prediction One:

Rising methane gas will become a huge concern; this is a prediction I have made consistently for 20 years. Now, on December 15, 2011, international news services carried a worrisome scientific article on the giant plumes of methane which are bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean. Russian scientists have discovered hundreds of these plumes, some of them 1,000 meters in diameter; the concentration of methane is “100 times higher than normal.” As the ice shelf recedes, the unprecedented levels of methane released will greatly accelerate global climate change. Methane is 20 times more harmful that carbon dioxide and scientists are shocked. They had been watching methane structures which were tens of meters in diameter, but suddenly there are numerous plumes more than 1,000 meters. “Methane fields are manifesting on a fantastic scale!” says a perplexed, dismayed scientist. Methane is freed from its frozen state at the bottom of Earth’s oceans as the oceans warm up sufficiently for it to be freed. The oceans have warmed to this degree.

Prediction Two:

In 2012, scientists will begin to warn that rising methane plumes are not the only threatening aspect of this phenomenon: As the permafrost melts in the Arctic due to the rapid increase of atmospheric warming caused by freed methane gas as well as carbon dioxide, millions of tons of “debris” from eons past, will become completely unfrozen; this is what composes the permafrost. Included is biological material from when the Arctic was warm tropical terrain – bio-decay from dense jungles. Also, the permafrost contains the bodies of mammoths and millions of other life forms. In short, the permafrost meltdown will contain hundreds, even thousands of feet of layers composed of everything that ever lived in the long march of days of the Arctic region. This decaying debris is hot as it bio-degrades in its freshly melted state, just like compost is warm. The result will be a blast furnace effect from the Arctic in the future. This realization will begin to dawn in 2012 upon those who comprehend the enormous future implications. 

Prediction Three: 

There will be growing public opposition of SOPA, the “Stop Online Piracy Act” which will cloak the Internet with Congress-created blockades that will keep every user of the Worldwide Web from a whole slew of content, including music, videos, and in a nutshell, keep them from knowledge and, of course, also from the web’s “non-knowledge” as well (rumors, conspiracy theories, and just plain made-up stuff). The web is a wild-west land, but do the people of the U.S. prefer censorship? “The supposed reason for SOPA is to stop online piracy but it amounts to government censorship of the Internet such as China has,” says an anti-SOPA activist.

I predicted the rise of flash mobs a few years ago, and we do have flash mobs today, and flash-crime. They are organized through social networking sites, but the Arab Spring and the

Occupy Wall Street Protests were also organized through social electronic media. Governments and policing agencies don’t like these events, whether in Oakland or Damascus.

In 2012, each American will have to decide which way he or she feels about this pending national legislation, keeping in mind that with SOPA in place, the Internet would never be the same, and you could go to jail for something like singing karaoke if the footage finds an audience on the net. You pirated the song. Of course our Congress might say that this is an extreme interpretation of SOPA, and that only a few Americans would end up at Gitmo (yes that is a joke, isn’t it?), but consider the TSA and how it is preforming these days, strip-searching 90 year old women. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So, in 2012, Americans have something to consider and either support or oppose: SOPA. The future is an open book at this moment: what will Americans do? Will they let this possibility become the reality Americans perceive?

Prediction Four: 

Predator Drones, of the advanced types used in Afghanistan, will be put into widespread U.S. domestic use by law enforcement agencies on a steady, low key basis. For instance, Montgomery County, Texas, where Houston is located, just got its first drones. Use them just to catch speeding drivers? “Anything is possible,” says the sheriff. In a precedent-setting event, law enforcement in North Dakota has recently nabbed three suspected armed men with the help of a Predator B unmanned drone. It was only after the drone confirmed the men were unarmed, that the police moved in to make the arrest. Supposedly, drones were commissioned strictly as tools for border control (questionable morally even then), but they are indeed beginning to patrol all over the United States, looking for American citizens on American soil. It is planned that the drones will be eased into service with little fanfare, thus little objection from the American people. In 2012, we will hear several stories of how a drone saved a victim from a crime, because due to this perhaps faulty logic, some Americans will just accept draconian new security measures. In 2012, this issue, like SOPA, will become more and more a vital and urgent concern. And what of “Drone Wars” in the future? 

Prediction Five: 

There will be multiple civilian witnesses on the ground to a confrontation between the military and an extraterrestrial UFO. I am not sure if this is the American or Canadian military, or if it happens elsewhere, and is thus another country’s military. I feel the extraterrestrial craft will have been flying very low, as is happening so frequently recently, and the earth military will manage surround it – or try to. Usually UFOs take off before the military jets and helicopters arrive, but for whatever reason, this time the UFO won’t make its usual speedy exist. After a long stand-off, in which the alien craft is motionless, I feel the UFO will make its getaway. Due to the many witnesses on the ground, some with video cams, the accounts of this incredible stand-off will not be easily censored or debunked. 

Prediction Six: 

The severe krill shortage will grow worse, continuing to kill whales, penguins and other Antarctic life, bringing them to the point of extinction as they starve to death. “Happy Feet” co-writer John Collee expresses the crux of this prediction for 2012: “The planet is largely covered with water yet we have this bizarre delusion that we can utterly destroy our marine ecosystems and somehow emerge unscathed. Coral reefs are in terminal decline. Whales and penguins are literally starving to death as a result of krill depletion. As regards global warming – the entire West Antarctic ice sheet is balanced on the tips of mountains and fragmenting at the edges. … The horrible reality of our war on the environment is so dark that most people don’t want to contemplate it.” 

Prediction Seven: 

Sadly, the above statement also applies to our entire formerly beautiful, vibrant Planet Earth, and so, the continuing decline of Earth’s life force, is Prediction Seven. With the continuing decline of her creative life force, comes the continuing weakening of her electromagnetic field. This is no coincidence; Earth is a living, breathing entity, and when one aspect is weakened, other aspects are weakened, just as with a human who becomes ill. Magnetic North will continue to be more and more unstable; last heard from, it was headed for Siberia.

Will Earth undergo a polar shift, with North Pole becoming South Pole? She’s done this before numerous times; however, now her electromagnetic field is weaker than before. Therefore, will her weakened geo-magnetic field break into many mini-poles, coming together at various spots on and around Earth? I feel that UFO occupants are able to help with this crisis, theirs is very powerful, advanced technology. However, first humankind, the species which caused much of the damage, has to wake up and become enlightened enough to show love and motivation to protect its magnificent home planet. Otherwise, the future prediction is that the same global mess will happen all over again. The human race must summon a spiritual leap forward or face the fact that it soon will have no viable world left – the end. Is this what 2012 is all about? Evolve or die along with all the other Earth life forms? Perception is all, a higher spiritual perception will be an evolutionary step. My prediction: It is TIME.

Prediction Eight: 

In 2012, awakening humans across the planet will begin to demand that safe, clean, powerful energy sources such as Tesla’s “free energy,” are freed from the “top secret captivity” of governments, which are in the pockets of big, dirty energy conglomerates. Advanced energy sources such as “free energy” can be used to deliver life-giving energy to the people of Earth. The people of Earth also see UFOs flying overhead with an apparent powerful, clean energy source which is perhaps a “simple” manipulation of gravity itself. Let’s join the galaxy and use advanced energy sources!

For several years, I have predicted that hydraulic fracking will drain the precious water table in America, causing wells to go dry and eventually affecting entire towns and cities’ water supplies right when fresh pure water is literally becoming the most precious commodity on the planet. Now, law suits are springing up from individuals owning private wells in a number of states, from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania; these law suits claim that nearby hydraulic fracking not only drained their wells, but also as the water levels went down, the wells became contaminated with salty, chemical-laced backflow which spread into fields and streams, and rivers, killing the surrounding ecosystems. Hydraulic fracking, a relatively new process which extracts natural gas; old fashioned fracking was harmful to land and water, but not potentially catastrophic. However, modern hydraulic fracking creates thousands of earthquakes (Small quakes? At this point, small and medium quakes). It also gobbles up the water table over a vast area, right when Earth needs every drop of her fresh water supply. What fresh water is not gobbled up, is left toxic and hopelessly contaminated. There are slick ads by the natural gas industry, a conglomerate which makes billions of dollars. These ads claim that natural gas is good for the environment. Natural gas pipelines stretch across continents like gopher tunnels crisscrossing a field. In a large quake, perhaps on the New Madrid Fault, these will explode, under cities, under towns, under houses, just as oil pipelines will break. And yet, natural gas is heralded as safer than other sources of energy such as coal and its toxic mining process, oil, with its dirty, deadly drilling and war-causing side effects, and nuclear energy which will have more Fukashimas sooner or later. It is only a matter of time.

And so, Prediction Eight is that humans across the planet will become more vocal in demanding that effective, safe energy sources such as Tesla’s “free energy,” and UFO power-source secrets, be secret no more. Old dirty energy sources are killing our planet as well as holding back our enlightenment. 2012: Awakening!

Prediction Nine:

We will witness the veil lifting dramatically on the nature of UFOs because human perception is advancing dramatically as well. For instance, the fact that UFOs generate clouds as cloaking devices will be proven beyond any doubt. Since I wrote 2 articles for UFO Digest about UFOs generating clouds, it seems there have been reports almost every day of UFOs spotted behind “odd mists and clouds.” The most recent one appeared as I write this article:

Also in 2012, other puzzles regarding UFOs will begin to be perceived clearly by human beings, such as the fact that most extraterrestrial starcraft manipulate gravity for propulsion. We will perceive with certainty that some alien groups nullify gravity ahead of their craft in order to move as they do. Other alien groups use gravity for propulsion. recently featured an article called “Warped Gravity, Weak Brane,” which explains Bob Schroeder’s theory that UFOs exert magnetism on objects below, such as tree tops. Thus, they possess an increased electromagnetic/gravity field (Unified Field?!), not a zero gravity or negative gravity. Propulsion: gravity or null-gravity? Both may well be an amazing clean energy source!

A current poll of Earth citizens states that 99% of people believe governments are hiding facts regarding UFOs. 98% of Earth’s people believe some UFOs are extraterrestrial space craft. Even if this poll is very informal and even inaccurate, we must know that in 2012, the puzzle of UFOs will pound at the core of human consciousness, and answers will begin to be demanded. Then, answers will manifest.

Prediction Ten:

We are being slowly prepared for the realization that we are not alone in the universe, and that we are being visited by aliens and always have been. Yes, this is funny because humankind is light years ahead of its governments. We already know! None the less, in 2012, as governments slowly tackle UFO Disclosure, we will suddenly hear about many more “Goldilocks alien planets” which NASA has spotted; these are alien planets circling alien stars which are well-placed to have evolved life (“just right!”). I do feel that some of NASA’s announcements are not new at all to NASA, but that this is part of the government’s “slow conditioning” of their citizens regarding the existence and presence of aliens. The Vatican’s conference in 2008 which stated essentially that “We are all God’s children,” and “My Father’s mansion has many rooms,” is also a part of this slow conditioning.

Disclosure is in the air!

It is my understanding that extraterrestrials might not have the luxury of waiting on earth governments any longer. They may have to land in 2012 if they are to help Earth survive.

On the other hand, they will wait as long as they can, because this is their agreement with earth governments. They have not interfered, because it is the governments’ role to inform and educate their citizens. However, when governments fail to fulfill their roles and the situation grows more urgent? 


I believe a Change Point is fast approaching for Planet Earth; a huge event like this happens only once for every sentient race on their home planet. Everyone on Earth should be educated and enlightened about this coming “C” change; however, our governments do little except make war and add to all the problems.

The Change Point occurs when this sentient race has developed reasonably advanced technology, something which occurs as a universal constant. However, also this sentient race (humankind in Earth’s case), not only has reached a point where it could destroy itself, it has reached a point where it is destroying – killing – its own planet, either through nuclear warfare or through the slow-death of greedily using up the planet’s resources while contaminating water and land resources.

In this tragic process, millions of other life-forms, from tigers to bluebirds, are threatened with extinction, shortly before the greedy sentient species faces its own demise.

However, there is hope! Humankind has this moment in cosmic history to evolve spiritually. This is what the Change Point is all about. I believe this is our chance! I also believe that enlightened, advanced beings flock to a planet which is undergoing its Change Point; this explains many UFO sightings. I delve into these amazing, astounding aspects of 2012 and beyond, in my new Exo-Trekking publication as well as in my spiritual work of many years. It seems hopeless but in reality, there is great hope, it is simple, and it is within us. 

Is 2012 the setting of our sun, or a bright new dawn, or is it just another day?

Consciousness is all.

Consciousness creates perception.

Perception is all. This is our choice.

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