Predictions: Can We Talk?

A prelude to my 2012 Predictions:

In commenting about the predictions I gave for 2011, someone said, “When you think about it, aren’t all these predictions obvious? Duh!”

Well, of course they are obvious, that’s the point! There seems to be a basic misperception regarding predictions, perhaps due to an over-abundance of psychics and similar sensationalistic efforts. In fact, the entire human perception of “psychic,” and “predictions,” needs over-hauling. Everyone has intuitive ability, and conversely, no one is omniscient. Like playing the piano, a few people “do it better,” but this comes from years of practice and experience as well as having a good amount of ability.

Let’s begin at the foundation for many people in this society: Jesus is considered a prophet and thus a predictor of events in the march of human history. I hasten to add that I am not placing myself in the same class as Jesus. However, what did Jesus really predict? His predictions had to do with the moral and spiritual qualities within humankind. He said that money is a corrupting influence and leads to greed, so do not value this above love and integrity. He spoke of the general spiritual corruption of his society and warned that this path would not lead to heaven.

In other words, his prediction, and any intelligent prediction, is one that bases itself in the way the society is at present, and contains a warning that if this path is not changed, tragedy and catastrophe will result.

A good prediction is logical! It is also usually general, as were Jesus’ predictions.

A prediction of worth does not pull a rabbit out of a hat and state that Uranus will fly out of its orbit tomorrow, collide with the Moon, and destroy Earth. Now, maybe this will happen because anything is possible, but it is highly unlikely and has no basis in logic. Scientists have not found that Uranus is unstable, and if it did come unhinged, the chances it would hit the Moon are relatively small. So that’s a bad, or at least illogical, prediction.

Yes, many predictions these days are along these lines. “A killer asteroid is 200,000 miles away, has a fleet of spaceships of flesh-eating aliens hiding behind it, and it will end all life on Earth next Wednesday but not before the aliens eat us all.”

That is pulling a rabbit out of the hat, probably to gain the predictor/prophet/psychic some attention, thus some hoped-for big bucks.

However, the melting of the Larsen Ice Shelf, for instance, which I predicted three decades ago, was a logical but sad step as I read scientific articles and then let my own intuitive gifts react. There was a chance the melting would stop in maybe 1990 or 2000, but I intuitively felt it would get worse (which it has). My guide Tibus was/is a vital part of my intuitive in-put.

So, I read, I pondered, I also intuited. Left brain, right brain, produced my whole-mind predictions. The same is true of all my predictions; I do not pull rabbits out of hats for sensationalistic reasons.

As a single mother, I was able to give my daughter a decent home through my abilities, and in later years, I have maintained an animal sanctuary on my ten acres in Iowa. I firmly believe we who do have intuitive wisdom and knowledge through long experience and basic ability, should be able to pay the rent and feed our children and animals like anyone else, as we walk the path in life to which we are best suited. The universe seems to want us doing what we do.

To make hopefully intelligent predictions is not to be the psychic who pulls a rabbit out of the hat and tells you for no reason that you will slip on your front porch steps tomorrow. Or who tells you that your boyfriend is cheating on you when, of course, she does not know your boyfriend at all. I know there may be some legitimacy in this type of psychic, but perhaps it is a con job.

It is this perception of “psychic” which also carries into “predictions” which the human race needs to begin to perceive differently. We are well-trained to hand our power over to the “middle man” in religion – the priest, the minister, the rabbi, and so forth. In the same way, many people hand their power over to a psychic, “I don’t know where to move. Tell me.”

Hopefully most people asking the psychic these questions will just take her answer into slight consideration but other people will actually move to the place she might have just pulled out of the hat.

However, there is such a thing as intuitive ability; we all have it, but some do have greater ability or greater experience, at least, than others. And we all have logical intelligence as well.

Bottom line: Our society cheapens intelligent, logical predictions by lumping them together with the “rabbit out of the hat” psychic. I believe that if we are to evolve as a species, we must begin to perceive that The Intuitive can and should blend with The Logical (right brain,

left brain), and perceive as whole-mind. The Intuitive does not contradict The Logical, the two combine to create a more accurate perception of reality itself.

As it is now, The Mystical (The Intuitive) is viewed in opposition to The Scientific (The Logical). An example: There is a UFO sighting by two friends. One person goes to a scientific opinion regarding UFOs, the other person gets immediately drawn to “star person” information; it rings true intuitively for this person that he has a connection to the inspiring object he saw.

The two friends begin to argue, the scientific friend says that it was only an unknown object they saw, and it could have been a military test flight or a weather balloon.

The second friend knows (as in “gnosis”), that this is something spiritually and personally wondrous.

Fact is, we humans always insist on this contradiction because we do not accept the paradox that BOTH can be true – BOTH are reality. The UFO has a scientific explanation for the first friend, but for the second friend, it is a sign of spiritual inspiration which changed his life. Both are true. Both are reality. Yet, they cannot reconcile the contradiction, and continue to argue, ending their friendship.

I have given many accurate predictions for 30 years now, and they emanate from the use of my whole-mind (whole self). Yes, my guide Tibus helps me achieve this; we all have this potential, this ability. But, 30 years is a lot of experience at one job and I have a very active guide!

So, unless you are one of the rapidly dwindling number who believes there is no radical climate change occurring on Earth, you will perceive (for example), that the waters will rise as ice melts globally and that fresh drinkable water will become very scarce. All the melting fresh water runs into oceans, you see.

Yes, you perceive this too! It’s not just me! However, it seems to be my purpose in life, my profession, if you will, to ring the alarm bell we all feel must be rung. There are other predictors like me; sure, we do not all agree but that is the human condition. We predictors are not different. For instance, I have never predicted that Nibiru is coming but if you feel it is, then you agree with another predictor. It is ultimately up to you to follow your own intuition and logic.

When fire breaks out in a crowd, someone has to hit the alarm bell. We all perceive the fire, we would all hit the bell, but it seems to be my purpose to actually hit the alarm bell with my predictions.

It is my hope that by ringing the alarm bell, human consciousness will come together and wake up! If we can wake up, we stand on the threshold of an amazing step forward in evolution. I believe the galactic community awaits our step forward! 

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