Putin’s warning of weaponization of space to the world.

Putin’s warning of weaponization of space to the world.

Putin in a speech addressed the need for an international agreement on preventing weaponization of space. He addressed his concerns in 2007. China and Russia sent to the UN a draft to ban outer space war and weapons. The US and Israel have refused to sign the treaty. Why?

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 bans nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction from Earth’s orbit, Moon’s surface, or other planets. It does allow conventional weapons to be used. Donald Rumsfeld in 2001 approached Congress proposing the US look into weaponizing space. In 2002 the US Air Force announced its capabilities in “space superiority”.

China argued that bases in Alaska and California could be used to attack satellites. China demonstrated its capabilities in destroying satellites by hitting one of theirs. US demonstrated its ability to do the same afterward. The arms race is still in play. Pentagon told the world it would be exploring kinetic energy weapons from space. The weapon interesting enough is called “Rods of God”.

The Bush administration has encouraged increased anxiety due to its announcement of a possible first strike on a nation. Iraq’s preemptive strike is an example by America of possible increased aggression. China seems to be the nation with increased interest in antisatellite weaponry and concerns of escalating possibilities of space wars. The UN countries have joined in the cry of signing a treaty banning space weaponization but the US refuses to sign.

If the US continues the same path then space wars seem to be more increasing possibility. I’ve noticed that China and Russia seem to becoming closer and closer allies which seems to be the outcome of US’s refusal to respond for a ban on weapons in space.

Space debris is becoming an increased problem with 50 years of exploration and more countries deploying satellites. Space weapons are becoming a major issue in Earth’s future. I hope Star Wars isn’t in our future.

Sources Putin addresses the issue of Space Wars http://youtu.be/0OXGSS7qF2A

Russia and China have submitted a draft to ban space wars.



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