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I am trying to understand all this! When we die, we become Solamenta beings… we live out there, Solamenta in a craft which is an earth like thing or is it, we live on a planet close to earth which no scientist here on earth can see it yet, even though it is close to earth?  What do we do there? When we die, we go there and look like we do now but younger?  If we are good enough we don’t go to Solamenta, we become divine beings worthy of living in paradise (which is where) and we never go back down to earth again? Then, we live forever in space someplace yet this place where we live forever never gets too filled up with all these people that will never die? Some of the Solamenta people wear regular earthly clothes, so we have to work in that craft to buy them and in many ways, it is like living on earth, is that correct? When we die here on earth; then, are we then reborn in the Solamenta place as a baby? I am getting confused!! Where are you getting all this info?

Answers provided by J.S. Thompson…

It can be confusing, so the story has got to come to us in pieces; if we will continue to ask questions until the big picture begins to take shape and then we begin to understand. People develop beliefs when they have only part of the story and begin to fill in the blank places in the equation, with what they think.

I appreciate that you are continuing to ask questions. Eternity is just too important not to. We should keep our minds open to everything but believe nothing. Knowledge comes to us when we are open to all things. However, knowledge is not something that we get from someone else. It must come to us from within.  However, in order to do this, we must keep our minds open to the ideas and concepts of others.

It is as difficult to describe Solamenta in general terms as it is to describe the cultures of the earth in general terms. Solamenta mirrors what is on the earth. Solamenta is as varied a place as it is, on the earth. Every question about Solamenta can be answered if you apply the same question about the earth! There is one difference but this is also a general statement; out there, they have access to advanced technology which we do not yet have here on the earth.

This technology is used for many things but among those many things, it is used to guide people on the earth.  With this technology, they can speak to us at a level where we can be influenced to go and to do the things that those who talk to us in this way, our guides, feel is in our best interest. So, our work out there is about influencing the lives of people on the earth. The ultimate goal is for people to evolve into those that can live as immortal divine beings.

Think about immortality and what it means to be immortal. Immortality is not easy. I don’t think there is anyone that wants to die on the earth but living forever presents problems as well. When we are in a situation where there are very broad boundaries such as it is, immortality is a source of great anxiety, depression and insecurity. Our earth lives give us an appreciation for eternal life.

When we leave the planet, we are not born to Solamenta but we arrive as those who look and feel like we are in the prime of our life and in fact, we are! If we stay busy doing whatever job we have been assigned and we do the things that we are asked to do, we will continue to feel young and energetic. However, when we do not do the things that have been time tested out there, we become depressed and then it is not far from the time that we must come back and be reborn to the earth.

There are those out there who have been there a long time and then there are those who come back after a short time. Consider also, that the population out there is many times greater than it is here on the earth, so you can’t come back just like that; you have to wait; reluctantly, for your time to come.

Solamenta, just like on the earth, has an economy. People must work in order to have the things out there they want just like on the earth.

So, when we consider the different places that different societies live out there, whether in a craft or on a planet, it is a matter of economy of how and where they live. 

There are a finite number of beings which live within a sector. A sector is a section of space, or solar system in contemporary terms.  A sector is quite large enough for all of the beings who live within to dwell.  In fact, if properly planned, the earth could accommodate all of the beings that live within this sector and this is the plan! 

The earth environment (there are earth like planets in all solar sectors) is the natural environment for all of us, all beings in the universe.  Living in another dimension is an unnatural state requiring advanced technology in order to live there. 

When we leave the planet after we die, we find life is quite similar to our lives on the earth but there are a few changes we have to get used to. First, we don’t talk, we are telepathic and we no longer have sex organs as we had on the earth but we are still distinctly male and female. We no longer breathe, at least, not that we can detect like we could here on the earth.  All of these physiological changes are facilitated by advanced technology.  When our evolutionary cycle is complete, we will all be able to live on the earth as one people in a natural state, the one that we came into the world with. This is the irony of it all; we began as perfect beings with perfect physiology. The physiology that we have here on the earth is a product of the most advanced technology ever created.

Divine beings, the most advanced beings in the universe have this technology; they are completely human in all regards. They can talk, breath and have sexual intimacy… the only difference between them and us here on the earth is they understand that the human body is a very advanced device and divine beings will continue to guide us toward eternal community and eternal mission.  When we are ready, when have evolved into an immortal community, Paradise will be on the earth!

Contemporary science is still very primitive. In the not too distant future, our scientists will discover other dimensions and how they work to support life on the earth.  Theoretically, scientists understand a little about other dimensions but there is still much work to be done.  The concept of other dimensions is a difficult concept to understand. 

If you can picture in your mind, space as an infinite sea of particles one linked to the other and broken down, according to the law of physics, into sections or geometrical formations, then we can begin to understand a little about how other dimensions or pressure spectrums work.

Our ability to “see” is a computer program. We only see matter that exists with a specific boundary or spectrum of perception; however, the matter we don’t see is exactly the same as the matter we can see but the pressure is outside of our spectrum of perception. If we could see matter in all spectrums, matter would have no definition; we would not be able to detect it. All matter whether it is a tree or a rock exists within a very specific pressure. If this pressure were to be altered just a tiny bit, we would no longer be able to see it. It would still be a tree or a rock but it would be outside of our spectrum of perception.  The one thing that all dimensions share in common is the electron. All of the electrons in the universe exist in one dimension and can be perceived in all dimensions if one had the technology to do it. The electron is the smallest particle in the universe and the densest particle. Electrons flow through all dimensions and all matter. Electrons flow through everything except other electrons.  At the smallest level of space, electrons form the program for all matter and this pattern vectors up into what we perceive as matter.

The earth and it’s supporting other dimensional planets form a cluster of planets all linked, one to another and rotate through each other. These other dimensional planets are just as solid as the one we are on now, the earth but we don’t perceive them because they exist outside of our spectrum of perception. In other words, as they rotate through the earth they are moving between the lines of perception… (Electron Conduits)!

Advanced craft become “other dimensional” when they expand just a tiny bit from the inside out. In doing so, they leave this spectrum of perception and enter another.  The amount of pressure that is exerted, determines the dimension they enter. One second they are in the earth’s atmosphere and the next second, they are in other dimensional space.

This same process is used when we leave the earth. One second we are in a hospital bed dying and the next, we are in space waiting for a craft to pick us up, which generally happens within a few seconds.

I’ve been asked several times, “how do I get this information”? I don’t use reference material, with the exception, of looking up something on Google from time to time.  I have learned to use a tool that we all have.  We all come equipped with a hard drive that contains all of the information in the universe and all we have to do to access it, is to learn how to listen, be dedicated to learning, and be sincere in our desire to find truth and to use logic. When all of the criteria are met to our guides’ satisfaction, you begin an initiation. Our guides or more specifically, our divine guides know when these criteria are met and when they are, begin the process of initiation.

I hope this has answered your questions. I know the material is difficult to understand but asking questions is the best way to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Good luck in your journey…

J.S. Thompson


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