Real Time Abductions: Thoughts, Questions

Note: I write this article with due respect for Chris Holly and her research, it is in no way personal. This is in response to her article, “More Real Time Abductees.”

My biggest concern regarding the 6 probable real time abductees: Are they completely of Irish descent? I ask this because if not, this could begin an “urban legend” with racial or national implications which was never valid. I lived in Ireland for 5 years, and as an American, I was surprised that the Irish are not as “blue eyed” as we Americans assume.

The Celts and pre-Celt tribes were apparently fairly dark, perhaps having made their way from the Middle East. My boyfriend there was “black Irish,” according to the Irish; that is, he had hazel brown eyes and jet black hair. Green eyes are not unusual but you’d have to go a few kilometers in Ireland to find 11 blue eyed people. The Vikings added their genes about a thousand years ago, which have freckles, red hair, and brown eyes. Of course, there are blue eyes in Ireland and very light skin. Very light skin is oddly more prevalent than blue eyes, in my humble subjective observation.

Who knows why aliens would pick on Irish-Americans – cloning? Genocide? I say these negative things because that is the inference of the article and of the real time abduction reports. The problem is, Irish-Americans are often not all-Irish. One might have an Irish surname but when you trace your family tree, you might be a quarter German or half English, or whatever. Both Germans and English are more blue-eyed than the Irish, I do believe.

There are pure Irish-blooded people, of course, often along the east coast (Boston, for instance). But Americans are a mixed up bunch genetically and I would wonder if the pure Irish bloodlines of the 12 abductees have been fully documented. Otherwise, I fail to see the importance of it. Do the aliens just want white people?

If the aliens do just want the Irish, that is – astounding! The negative aliens might be sorry they are working with 100% Irish because no one loves freedom more. However, I do have these questions before an urban legend of Irish-cloning or Irish-whatever gets started. The UFO field doesn’t need more urban legends!

6 of the 12 abductees dropped out. But why join an abduction group, having overcome fear to some degree, then drop out because of fear? Perhaps in some of those cases, the group was just not for them. This question comes to my mind. Is the fear element so horrifically over-whelming that it is the only factor?

Ms Holly is the one who decided these 12 are valid real time abductions, if I understand it correctly. No going through the wall when asleep, no hallucinogenic encounters, just real-time. Is there proof that these real-time abductions happened? Unexplained scars? (of course, even those can be debunked sometimes). Physical evidence? I don’t aim to be a debunker, for goodness sakes!

It’s just that the 6 abductees really dislike, almost as a mass mind, “those who lie about abductions.” Is it wise to put all our eggs in their baskets, though, as absolutely valid abductions – even so as to mysteriously judge “those who lie” without examining each individual case? In other words, what criteria is there for judging these 6 as valid? (Or these 12)?

Is it wise to say with absoluteness, “These 6 are frightened, they seem traumatized, they say they had real-time abductions, and they are talking about them, so therefore they are valid.” Then to say, “This other person says he was frightened but the experience led to higher awareness on his life path, he remembered this abduction only under hypnosis (an honest statement, perhaps), and therefore he is lying. Invalid! Liar! Why cast stones at others who are also deeply involved in the UFO phenomenon?

I am trying to understand why these 6 are a lot more pivotal, valid, and important, than hundreds of other possible abductees, maybe thousands of others. Real time can be lied about too, or exaggerated, or even hallucinated. They do not want attention, yet, they have received attention. However, I am not attacking these 6, please understand this. Certainly valid research, even valid opinion, can be questioned. Isn’t this our way?

I am not saying this in a smart aleck manner. I say it with all respect. I want to benefit from full understanding of this research, and also know that it is research more than opinion, since it is presented as absolute truth gathered from research. I know it is certainly heartfelt, sincere hard work, meetings, discussions, but maybe not totally objective, all the while being judgmental. However, it still has worth and can benefit us.

“Not totally objective” is fine. None of us are absolutely objective. I guess that’s my point. There should maybe not be “judgment of others” (other abductees), when we all are subjective. Maybe we should not cement these 6 in stone as the only ultimate reality of UFO contact.

So, I hope urban legends and frightening myths do not develop, adding more static to the UFO puzzle, especially regarding those fighting Irish. Ask Barney Hill, of course he probably had Irish blood too.

Message to negative aliens: I am only 1/8th Irish. 

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