Rennes Chateau : Sauniere’s mysterious connection to Canada

Do you believe in synchronicity? I do because it happens to me often. I believe that everything is connected and there are  no coincidences. It is called the mystery of chance.

“Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s”

A friend just traveled to Rennes Chateau and recently took a picture of Berenger Sauniere’s official priest regalia. It is the priest vestment he wears for service. On the vestments of Sauniere was the symbol of the maple leaf. Sauniere was the mysterious priest of Rennes Chateau who came into a fortune of which he later lost. He built the beautiful Rennes Chateau with his fortune. Noel Corbu a later owner of Rennes Chateau talked about the legend of the lost treasure of Blanche Castile. She had her treasure buried because her son Saint Louis IX was a hostage in the Holy Land. She was of ill health and buried her treasure. Some believe that Sauniere found the treasure or secrets about a treasure brought by the Crusader knights from the Holy land entrusted to Saint Louis IX care. The Nova Scotia legends of how knights came to the land long ago with the Vikings have been suggested by many writers. The Mic Mac Indians have legends that talk of the Red Bearded one coming from a land far away. The Oak Island legend and Money pit is one of them.

Sauniere’s official Priest regalia locate Rennes Chateau Museum

thanks to Nic for going to Rennes Museum and bringing back this awesome picture.

The maple leaf is an interesting symbol on Sauniere’s vestments because it was the symbol for Canada in his time. In fact the Maple leaf goes back into the 1700’s as the symbol for Canada. It was the Maple tree that yielded up the treasure of maple syrup. The Indians lived off the syrup. The French settlers showed the Indians how to make it into sugar. On the vestments another  symbol is a vine with grapes which has many meanings. One is the wine which is connected to Jesus at the Last supper “take this and drink for this is my blood”. It may indicate a bloodline of what the Hebrews called the “Chosen People”.  It means abundance and rebirth. It has a serpentine motion in which it weaves toward the sun.

Another symbol is the gold rose. The rose is a symbol of keeping a secret. Sauniere did just that kept a mysterious secret. Romans would place a rose by the door for confidential meetings. The rose was the favorite flower of the goddesses such as Isis and Venus. The Virgin Mary often is connected with the rose. Our Lady visions of Knock Lourdes and Fatima have connections with the rose. Mary Magdalene was connected with the rose in the movie Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Mary Magdalene was a favorite of Sauniere because he built her chapel dedicated to her. A hymn to the Virgin of Monteserrat

begins with the words: “Rosa d’abril, Morena de la serra…” (April rose, tanned lady of the mountain chain…). Therefore this virgin is sometimes known as “Rosa d’abril”.

The symbol IHS which has the meaning in hoc signo vinces. It means

“in this sign you will conquer”. Sauniere has these words in Magdalene chapel at Rennes Chateau under the four archangels who stand above the demon . The symbol was found in the catacombs. It has connections with the Tetragrammaton.  Other Sauniere regalia
 bears the Tetragrammaton.

Hit the link for the view of Sauniere’s regalia

The Sauniere connection with Canada goes with a ship which bears his name. It is located in Canada. It bears the Templar Cross or Cross Patee and a bear. It stands next to the Halifax. Is this a interesting synchronicity? I found the ship after noticing the maple leaf on his regalia. Here she is the Sauniere

hit the link for a view of the Sauniere

Another link

She is due to be scrapped but she sailed the Great Lake region

In the Rennes Chateau mystery is a connection of Saint Sulpice. In Canada lies the seminary of Saint Sulpice founded in New France in 1657 and is one of the oldest buildings in Canada. It is located in Montreal next to the beautiful Basilica Notre Dame Montreal.

Scroll down and see the beautiful pictures of the Basilica

The Tetragrammaton which is the triangle with Yahweh written in the middle or has the all seeing eye. It is above the pulpit in gold. The lamb lies on the altar of Jacob to be sacrificed. The Last Supper is in gold under the altar which is based on Da Vinci’s Last supper. It is similar to the Ursuline convent chapel Our Lady of Prompt Succour which also has Da Vinci’s Last Supper carved in marble below the altar. It is here Bishop Dubourg trained at the Sulpician Seminary in Paris lived with the Ursuline Sisters in New Orleans. The Cajuns were the Acadiens who left Nova Scotia in the Great Expulsion. They came to New France from Old France bringing their myths and legends with them.

The Sauniere family may have  a history connected to the Acadiens and Louisiana.

Below is a link of the Acadien family Sonnier and Saulnier sometimes people changed their name when they came to the New France just slightly

Hit the link to see the Acadien family history

It appears that Sauniere may have known of his family ties in Canada or the legends connected with Nova Scotia and New France. Do you believe in synchronicity? I do?


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