UAP reports generated by pilot UFO encounters all over the world.

The need for pilots to be aware of and informed about the impact of UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and how they and their passenger’s safety could be affected is of paramount importance. Without this information many commercial and military aviators have been left to the fate of unpreparedness and ignorance thanks to the intentional denial of our government officials.

The fog of time

History teaches us that an impressive array of unknown airborne encounters with crafts from another realm that have caused consternation among aviators asking why weren’t they told or, better yet, why were they warned not to go public with their experiences by their commanders or employers has left many to ask whose side are the powers that be on? Well, definitely not the side of the pilots, I would personally observe.

Aviators of many eras witness the unknown

An amazing exhibition of experiences has engaged jet fighter pilots, World War II aviators, commercial airline Captains, and even private plane flyers who have inadvertently trespassed into the realm of the unknown and managed to come back alive in order to tell about it. Below, we will explore many of the well documented cases of air to air encounters with something that to this day defies logical explanation and has been defined as everything from demonic activity to the technology of distant alien civilizations from other regions of this vast universe.

Through the past darkly

  • As early as 1916, according to NARCAP advisor D.F. Weinstein, what can be described as a UAP made its appearance to a British pilot near Rochford, having little technical vocabulary for such an early encounter, the pilot described the object as having a row of lights on a railway carriage that rose into the air and flew off. An amazing observation for the time!
  • Late September 1926 a DH-4 mail pilot made a staggering sighting and was forced to land after encountering a huge wingless cylindrical object. He must have been quite shocked and had decided to land his aircraft in the wake of such a bewildering encounter.
  • January 1st 1937 an American flyer spots a gondola shaped aerial anomaly that is gun metal colored near the Virginia and North Carolina border.
  • In the summer of 1942 at approximately 1750 hours an RAF pilot encounters a strange bronze colored airborne object that resembles are a single airfoil over the Tasmanian Peninsula in Australia.
  • September 9, 1942 a RAF pilot in his Hurricane fighter plane is harassed by two fast moving lights that ascend from ground level and chase his aircraft and then turn away. Were they German ME-109’s or unknown hardware from another realm? Incident reported over Somme Estuary in France.
  • 1943, night mission, over the Atlantic Ocean, a US Navy PBY-25 crew of eight are host to an unknown orange self-luminous flying object that flies in formation along with them.
  • It is clear from the few accounts given of UAP case files in the early era of man’s mastery of flight that the frequency of aerial encounters began to quickly increase during World War II. Was someone watching us and evaluating our defensive capabilities at the time? Someone not of this earth, I might add.
  • In the midst of a global conflict between the Axis powers and the Allies, it seems that a world wide effort at observation was being made by UAP’s in a variety of colors and shapes according to accounts given by aviators of the time. June of 1944 an RAF pilot and his radar officer of a Beaufighter 600th Squadron found to their dismay that they could not shake a bright light that pursued them despite evasive maneuvers southwest of Florence, Italy.
  • In Northeastern Italy June of 1944 a formation of three P-38’s Lightnings flown by 3 pilots found themselves accompanied by a round silver disk at 50,000 feet that stayed with them for three minutes.
  • With numerous contacts made by USAA pilots in B-17 and B-24 bombers over the North Sea, Atlantic, and in the Pacific over Iwo Jima and Truk Atoll, Tokyo Bay in Japan seems to have been a hot spot that remained so even through the Korean War years later as reported by Captain Ed Ruppelt Captain USAF Project Blue Book Director until 1953. This fact he detailed in his book “The Report on UFO’s” in 1956.
  • Over Namazu, Japan in 1949 several incidents occurred involving the B-29 Superfortress that was used to drop numerous atomic bombs over such targets as Nagasaki and Hiroshima as well as over many nuclear test sites in years to come. The pilots were unable to take evasive maneuvers in order to evade UAP’s that pursued them.
  • As military aviators all over the world as well as the continental US experienced the presence of UAP’s following them, flying alongside them, or merely crossing their aerial paths it is interesting to note that the American public was not made aware of this until Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over Washington State near Mt. Shasta in 1947. This event officially catapulted the flying saucer into a household term and sensationalized an enigma that many pilots had already experienced in the skies above the nations of the world.

In the years to follow after 1945, it seems that the situation of encounters between military pilots and UAP’s intensified and in the years of 1948 (Mantell Incident) 1952 (Nationwide UFO flap & Washington National Sightings) and 1953 Lieutenant Felix Moncla and his radar officer disappear in their F-89 Scorpion Interceptor over Lake Superior) 1954 (Walesville Tragedy as jet fighter crashes into a small town and kills family of 4) and in 1956 (US Navy issues orders to shoot down UFO’s to its fighter pilots). As the US Air Force and federal government clamped down even tighter on the lid of denial and secrecy even threatening military bases who reported UFO’s to face possible prosecution for doing so.

The persistence of an enigma

In view of more modern encounters between air forces of the world along with civilian airline jets, it seems that the current complexion that exists is far from being clarified or explanatory as numerous encounters have resulted in more near misses, instrument failures aboard interceptor aircraft (Tehran, Iran 1976 with F-4 Phantom), and near catastrophic mid-air collisions with jet airliners and their passengers (incident over Texas Panhandle). No doubt the phenomenon still persists with the same inexplicable legacy that haunts us today just as it did decades ago as the armed services struggled with their responsibility to protect our skies above while juggling the difficult mission of maintaining secrecy and national defense simultaneously.

We will ever know?

It is clear that no immediate answers will be forthcoming even in our advanced technical state and ever present cell phone cameras along with miniaturized high definition camcorders easily carried by everyday people. Perhaps we are not meant to know the final truth in view of the enduring mystery.





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