Strange Sounds Globally: Is the Veil Lifting?

My first reaction as I read about the strange sounds being heard across our planet, was, “The veil must be very thin. This is 2012, after all!”

I too recently heard unexplained strange sounds toward the back of my ten acres here in North Iowa, but I’ll save my account for the close of this article. What amazes me is that metaphysics and spiritualism have long referred to “the veil between dimensions or between worlds,” and this concept seems to perfectly reflect the M Theory which theoretical physics now postulates quite seriously. Apparently metaphysicians perceived the concept of the “veil” centuries before science revealed a similar concept which they discovered through meticulous research and mathematics. 

What has always been stressed by my guide Tibus, is that on up the road of our evolved perception, Spirit and Science do meet and become one larger truth – a more enlightened way to perceive reality.

Looking at the scientific perception, the central idea is that perception from within the visible, four-dimensional universe is restricted to a brane (membrane) inside a higher dimensional

space which scientists call, the “bulk”. In the bulk model, there are extensive extra dimensions (possibly infinite) which we cannot perceive from within our brane but the other branes may be moving through this bulk too. Interactions with the bulk, and possibly with other branes, can influence our “home brane” and thus introduce effects not seen in more standard cosmological models. 

This concept can explain the weakness of gravity compared to the other fundamental forces, a puzzle which has long stumped physicists, including Einstein. In this theory, the other three forces (electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces), are localized on the brane, but gravity has no such constraint and much of its attractive power “leaks” into the bulk. As a consequence, the force of gravity should appear significantly stronger on small (subatomic) scales, where less gravitational force has “leaked”. Various experiments are currently underway to test this, including work at the giant Hadron Collider in Geneva.

So, if our universe sits on a giant membrane (an idea which has come out of string theory), it is like a giant piece of bread, according to Brian Greene, with all the stars and all the galaxies sprinkled across its surface. The math of string theory suggests this picture, along with the possibility that there are other universes, other slices of bread, all constituting a big cosmic loaf.

Spiritualists and their age-old “veil between dimensions” may be slightly less accurate but it is a lot more poetic! And the general concept is the same. String theorists feel that they have found the missing key (which eluded Einstein), within the specifics of M-theory and the string theory which spawned it, so the “veil” and the “bulk between branes” seem to be one and the same.

What happens when branes collide or, as the shaman might put it, when the veil becomes very thin and then becomes non-existent? According to M-theory, membranes exist across all eleven dimensions of the universe. One dimension is

time and other ten dimensions are spaces within the bulk which have always existed. Our universe may have formed when two extra-

dimensional membranes collided. In this perception, our universe may not be so special since membrane collisions could cause big bangs all the time. The result is a sort of multiverse – universes acting like bubbles that generally cannot interact with one another (but once in a while, do!)

For spiritualism, a huge Change Point occurs when the veil between worlds becomes thin and eventually disappears. Could this be what the Mayans saw happening in 2012?

Optimists feel that once the veil between dimensions is lifted, those beings in both worlds who can adapt to the influx of strange new beings (life forms) and conditions, will be able to survive, eventually flourishing in a new and perhaps better level of consciousness – a new world.

For science, a “big bang” (or at least a huge cosmic cataclysm), occurs when two extra-dimensional branes collide within the bulk, and perhaps end up as a new, blended brane (a new dimension). It seems we arrive at a similar place, whether taking the spiritual path or the scientific path!

About the strange noises heard around the world: Might these be sounds of 2 branes grinding together? Might they be the sound of the veil being lifted, inched upward like an old theater curtain being wound?

I hasten to add that there are other theories which seem saner! One is that the increased electromagnetism from the Sun currently bombarding Earth, is causing these noises. We would expect electromagnetism to be more of an electrical hum than a low roar or growling, but who knows?

Or, tectonic plates could be grinding together or ripping apart – not much more comforting than two colliding branes! Incidentally, those who follow the science fiction series, “Fringe” on Fox television, can relate to parallel universes inadvertently getting tangled up, the veil having disintegrated after one adventurist scientist, accidentally punched a hole in the bulk.

I wonder if our perception of intense electromagnetic effects overhead and grinding tectonic plates, is only what our humble minds can perceive of the actual larger cosmic event of two dimensions (parallel multiverses) beginning to collide? In other words, our minds are filtering agents which only allow into our perception, that which we can understand. We can understand EM effects and tectonic plates, thus the noises they might make, but can we possibly comprehend 2 branes in the bulk about to have a big bang?

I wonder, although I am not convinced, if UFO occupants are beings from the other brane. What if these aliens-of-the-other-brane from within the bulk,

know that both of our dimensions are about to collide?

Might they be warning us, on an on-going basis, in a number of strange and not-so-strange ways, all these years?

Or perhaps they test the daily change in the condition of the veil (the bulk), and this explains some of their strange maneuvers.

Or perhaps they are looking into surviving in our brane if theirs is completely destroyed, or taking some of us to their world if ours is destroyed. There are all sorts of good or bad possibilities here.

I believe that we are actually talking about the phenomenon of consciousness and thus perception rather than talking about gigantic, physical cosmic collisions. Electromagnetics and perception are linked; we “run” on Earth’s electromagnetics and also, therefore (I assume), the unique electromagnetics of our home brane. It is the stuff of our perception.

When the veil is lifted (thus when branes collide), I wonder if an alien electromagnetic frequency will stream in. I wonder if the aliens “run” on this alien EM frequency (which is of their home brane), thus have a completely different perception of reality. However, if we can believe quantum physics, they occupy nearly the same space as we do; there apparently is only a tiny bit of bulk (a tiny space of sub-atomic measurement), between branes.

We do know that UFOs have what seems like an alien electromagnetic frequency, affecting our minds and also shifting the magnetic orientation of a car.

So what does this have to do with the strange noises heard around the world? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. It does seem that noises from “somewhere else” or “somewhen else” are leaking through our not-soundproof veil. Perhaps as the veil gets thinner, the sounds come right through from the other brane.

Now, for my own experience: It has been mentioned that people who live in wooded areas or rural areas, are hearing strange animal noises whereas town and city people hear mechanical grinding or rumbling or humming. Well, I live in rural Iowa and what else would I hear than an alien cow!

Yes, indeed, about 2 weeks ago as I was out with the dogs and cats about 3:00 p.m., there was a very loud, almost non-organic (?) bass MOOOO (bass, not tenor). It was behind my old barn, out of sight. There is not a cow within a few miles, I have no livestock. I raced back and there was nothing there. I didn’t hear it again but it was loud, almost as if given over a bullhorn (stop laughing).

Then several days later, I distinctly heard – yes – cow bells! These lasted longer, there were perhaps 6 or 7 separate noises, almost like wind chimes but larger bells than are on chimes. They sounded like the bells on several cows. My dogs reacted, and we raced back to the same general area. There was nothing.

There is a corporate farm field behind my land, and no one, nothing, was in the field; I can see it plainly as it stretches for miles. So, I can only conclude there was a herd of alien cows grazing right by the thin veil, ready to amble on over here as the veil lifts.

UFology has many smiles if you let it. And who knows, the joke might even be accurate.

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