Super-Highway to the Stars: Alien Traffic?

One of the major questions of the UFO enigma: Can extraterrestrials get to Earth from “out there” when space/time is so vast? If you feel that no living being can ever traverse the distances involved, regardless of advanced technology about which humans have yet to learn, and regardless of the true nature of space/time, gravity, light, and the electromagnetic force about which humans also do not yet know, then we begin to assume that aliens are from some other dimension of Earth.

The fact is, it is difficult to separate the concept of extraterrestrials from the concept of other-dimensional beings. An example: If future humans are traveling through space/time, then they are from the dimension of time when they visit us in 2012, but they are also likely to be space-travelers. Even ETs from far distant planets might travel through dimensions to shorten the trip from here to there.

However, what I mean by “other dimensional beings from Earth,” is that if we feel they just can’t get “here” from “there” due to the distances involved, we then begin to wonder if our visitors are some sort of lower Earth life form, parasitical and demonic in nature, which nonetheless possesses advanced propulsion and/or advanced quantum abilities, and that they “attack us.”

I cannot understand how parasitical demons have managed such advanced propulsion methods and/or how they evolved such a powerful level of consciousness as to be able to manipulate the quantum world. I do not understand this theory at all; it has many problems in my view, including the concept of “attacks,” however, to each his own.

My point: If we tentatively set this demonic concept aside, we are back to wondering if any of the visitors in our skies are true aliens from far distant planets circling far distant stars. Are they all from other Earth dimensions, perhaps mostly higher realms rather than lower realms?

I remember hearing nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman talk at a MUFON Propulsion Symposium in the early 1980s; there were many people at this symposium from NASA, which had a branch in Houston. Dr. Friedman steadfastly maintained that if space/time travelers go .9999 the speed of light, they can get to Earth from their planet within their probable lifetimes, or they might have generations involved in space travel so that their 2

nd or 3rd generation, born in space, would reach Earth.

A helpmate to this theory is that the space travelers might come from the “Goldilocks” zone of our own Milky Way Galaxy, which is where Earth lies as well. This is the section along one arm of the galaxy, which is most likely to encourage the evolution of advanced life. Warm enough? Just right. Atmosphere? Just right, and so forth.

Very recently, many “super-Earth” planets have been found in the Goldilocks zone; they are larger than Earth and may lack protective electromagnetic fields because they might not have a spinning molten core like Earth. However, all the rest of their characteristics seem favorable for life; life would likely find a way to evolve.

We know from Earth evolution that life itself will find a way to survive and evolve if it possibly can, and probably, life will also find a way to survive and evolve when there is no way.

Life is tenacious!

As 2012 looms, there are several new theories on why distances in the universe might not be as huge as we think they are. I am not a physicist, but here, briefly, are several of the exciting new theories:

There is a “super highway” through space/time on which space craft from numerous worlds zoom along. This “super highway” allows space craft to avoid the complicated fabric of space/time. The “super highway” is actually a fracture in the space/time continuum which happened, apparently, as the Big Bang spread out. It can be thought of as a string stretched out into space/time which can be used as a conveyor belt from one place to another; once one gets within this string, you are no longer the prisoner of the rules of space/time. I recommend “Through the Wormhole” DVD with Morgan Freeman as host, for starters on this theory then dig into the new physics of it if you wish!

Are extraterrestrials using this “super-highway” on a regular basis? The “on” ramps may be crowded and you might have to watch out for the traffic, from all sorts of different origins and sources!

Then there is the theory that the speed of light, 186,282 miles per second, is not a constant, as Einstein stated. There is evidence that the speed of light varies when measured on a light spectrum. If this is true, space goers could navigate in accordance with this variation. Einstein holds up really well but in 2011, some brilliant physicists and similar “big brains” are beginning to perceive that his view of the universe was not perfect. He assumed we are in a prison, not being able to go into deep space. We may not be in prison at all!

Of course there is the ongoing work on warp drive, which original

Star Trek proclaimed in 1966. Today, the work to create a working warp drive is making serious progress, from NASA to private research facilities. In this theory, your star craft does not move at all. Through the use of negative energy, the space/time in front of the craft is condensed and the space/time behind the craft is elongated. We do know absolutely that space/time is a fabric, a substance, almost like a body of water. It is not an empty vacuum.

The only thing keeping warp drive a non-reality for humans is that we have not harnessed negative energy, but we are working on it. We have guessed that UFOs use anti-gravity as a means of propulsion. Negative energy/anti-gravity: sounds to me like there might be a connection.

If humans can think it, humans will create it.

I cannot understand arguments which say we must stick to “old science facts” and that it is somehow folly to pursue new scientific theories. How did we create the civilization we do have, however flawed? We created it through dreaming, thinking, coming up with possible theories, and then making them so – or making the best of those theories – so. Reality!

Why is polio not running rampant? Because Jonas Salk tried and tried and finally found the right vaccination.

Why do we have airplanes today? Because many “pseudo-scientists” tried to fly and crashed face first into the mud. And then the Wright brothers finally hit the right “pseudo science” combination and it became scientific fact.

Why did we finally figure out that the world is not flat, for goodness sakes?

Need I go on? Galileo. Copernicus. Einstein. The Apollo astronauts – including the ones who were burned to death in a faulty test module as we humans tried to find the right stuff (the right science and the right spirit), for space travel.

If we humans are to understand the UFO enigma, we have to stretch into quasi-science and scientific speculation. One day, some theory in “quasi-science” will be “quasi” no more, it will become actual scientific fact. We will find out all about our alien visitors, and life will go on, probably much richer.

We dream, we experiment, we ponder, we theorize. This is how we create reality. How can anyone not see this?

I am thrilled that UFOs and their occupants exist, because they are pushing my human species to evolve. Physicists usually do not speak of UFOs, but I am positive that every theoretical physicist out there, finding evidence for stringy “super-highways” and perceiving that warp drive will become reality, also enjoys dreaming of aliens on that superhighway and of the human starship crew traveling by warp drive.

This doesn’t mean every physicist believes in aliens; some do, some don’t.

It means:

If humans can think it, humans will create it.

The super-highway awaits us, or if we prefer, let’s engage warp!

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