“TAKEN UP” An Alien ET UFO Story – Serialized Part 2

As Tom and Sara walked with the Supreme Commander the two ranks of soldiers followed them from the bay where they had entered. They went toward another bay door and the General of the Ship began discussing the layout of the ship.

“There are multi-levels and flight decks on each level. The heart of the ship is the top deck forward. That is where the command controls are located and my office.”

Tom looked at Sara as she followed along in awe anticipating every step Tom took. Tom sort of smiled and said,

“I see that you along with everyone that I have seen so far wear military rank insignias.”

“Yes, Commander along with our names. We have adapted to the American Army ranks on earth. The Supreme High Counsel have decided that it would be easier for you to understand.”

“Oh yes, the Supreme High Counsel looks out for us on earth don’t they?”

Tom and the Supreme High Counsel had spoken from Gus on earth in the past and they did not see eye to eye on a lot of things. Tom did not have to come up into space to the Command ship but he wanted to see what they had been talking about of the command ship…

However after they entered a new corridor into the ship the military escort was no longer with them. As they entered there was a dozen high ranking officers waiting as they expected the arrival.

General Clark then introduced each office to Tom and Sara.

Sara noticed that there was only two women in and among the dozen officers present.

The General’s staff set up like the U.S. Army and Sara and Tom noticed they were only Majors and above.

After the introductions, they continued on the official lead tour of the ship hitting only the high spots.It appeared since they were expected that this was planned and Tom and Sara watched and listened.

They found themselves along the moving corridors as moving side walks and elevators throughout the ship on the tour.

There were golf cart type vehicles similar to those on earth inside the mountain on each level here on the ship as well. Duplication was apparent.

Tom and Sara could not know or floor they were on during the tour of the ship as they boarded a transportation vehicle like earth’s golf cart where the alien general Clark took them into an area he called the restaurant district like in a large city. There were various types of restaurants that appeared to mimick those on earth.

Then they were escorted through the business district of shops and goods. There were fast food places along the corridors as they would be on the streets of the United States so this appeared like a small town.

“We have a wide variety as you can see for you to enjoy as you can see they are like those on earth.”

“Tom look there is a Ponderosa!”

“Sara there is also a Bonanza.”

Tom asked the General,

“Is that like the steak house on earth?”

“Yes Commander the steak there is very good. I have eaten there often.”

“Is this the only place on this ship that there are restaurants?”

They were touring on a golf cart so were in transit.

“No Commander there are restaurants on every level and these are the ones located closest to your quarters.”

“Is there a gym for us to workout while here?”

“Yes, that will be the next stop. First food then relaxation Commander.”

Sara was watching the sites while Tom talked to the General.

“You know that I don’t know how long we are going to be here right not but this Commander, and Co-Commander are getting confused from all the information to take in. But, please call me Tom and Co-Commander Sara please to make us more comfortable for now.”

“As you wish Commander, Tom.”

“There much better.”

“You may call me Clark as we dismiss protocol for the time being as you learn to fit in to your new environment.”

“The control center is where the ship is guided where all commands and the control of all ships originate.”

After spending an hour in the control center that reminded one of Nasa’s control center. The General had Tom and Sara board the Golf cart and they were escorted to their new quarters where they were assigned rooms across from each other in a wide corridor.

To be Continued.             

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