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Who would have guessed a family outing would yield a hovering lights event?

It was about 10 p.m. in late November in 2003. Harry’s father was driving the family from Port Crane to Endicott. Dad had just passed the highway exit for the community of Chenango Bridge. Harry was riding in the front seat with his parents and saw the lights first.

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“In the sky, I saw four bright lights. They weren’t moving they were just sitting stationary,” he said.

Harry pointed the objects out to his dad, who pulled the station wagon off the road and parked. Harry grabbed his camera and all of the kids exited that car and began walking down the trail to get a better look. As the family got closer, they began to notice a loud humming sound.

“It was a really loud hum like a transformer or a big swarm of bees.”

Harry said initially everybody was excited at the sight of the hovering lights, but the closer they got walking down the trail, the more all of them got an overwhelming sense of uneasiness.

“I [asked] my sister ‘what if they are not friendly?’” he said.

All efforts to get the hovering lights into focus with a set of binoculars were in vain for some reason. Then suddenly, the humming sound stopped and the light began to move away slowly and organized into a “V” formation. Harry snapped a few pictures. When the lights moved over a hill, they shot off in different directions.

Harry said a story ran in the local newspaper the next day reporting the lights had been some specially painted aircraft.

“I don’t know of any plane except a Harrier jet that can stay that still in the sky and they make a huge racket of noise.”

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