Dee told me it was early June in 1974. Songs like “Band On The Run” by Paul McCartney & Wings was high on the charts. She, along with five of her friends, had just graduated from high school, and they decided to go to the drive-in movies, at the now defunct East Park Drive-in Theater. Of course they all thought it would be “cool” go to the midnight showing of The Exorcist.
As they were arriving at the drive-in, the earlier sunset show’s cars were exiting the facility. Dee and her friends ended up being the only car in the parking lot of the outdoor theater. About half way through the film, the car full of teens noticed some flashing light on the screen. At first they thought it was the projectionist messing around.
Then one of them noticed that it had gotten unusually bright around the car, as if someone was shining a search light down from above them.
One of Dee’s friends stuck his head out of the car and looked up and muttered “good god.” Following the kid’s comment, they threw open the car doors and began looking up.
“Above us was a large bright disc shaped object. It was perhaps the width of four or five car parking slots and it was hovering over our car. The disc shaped object glowed and had lights evenly spaced around its outer edge.”
The stunned teens were mesmerized by the fact that the hovering disk was flashing lights at the giant screen where the Exorcist movie was playing.
“We wondered if they were trying to communicate with the people in the movie or something. Then the disc whatever it was, just shot off into the night sky.”
The event that just happened suddenly sunk in and terrified the teens.
“We threw the drive-in speaker out of the car window and drove off in a hurry.”
A few miles down the road the young people saw a parked police car and pulled up to it to report what they’d seen.
“When we got out and walked over to speak to the officer, we found about eight other people from the suburb, excitedly telling the poor patrolman what they’d seen as well.”
Dee says that the police officer seemed to be in a not-believing-mood, and did his best to calm everyone down. She’s not even sure if he even took a report from all the UFO witnesses, she does know he didn’t writing down anything she told him. As I interviewed Dee, it was obvious to me that she was deeply shaken by the experience that happened 41 years ago, and it still deeply affects her.

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