Time Reassignment

The term “time reassignment” is used in the film, “Source Code.” In this film, a military helicopter pilot is dying, but through quantum manipulations which go beyond mere virtual experience, he finds himself on a train which is about to be blown up, and his order is to stop this terrorist. He does not realize at first that what is left of his physical body is in a container which is full of advanced technology and his mind is being fed this quantum perception before he dies. The train is real, as is the danger it is in.

But then, what is reality?

At the close of the 19th Century, there were many sightings of mystery airships, but dirigibles did not take to the skies until around 1910; their golden age had ended by 1940. However, throughout the 1800s, and particularly in 1880, and 1895 onward, people were not seeing flying saucers, boomerangs or orbs, they were seeing air ships which would manifest out in a field sometimes, and generally came from no known spot, and went to no known destination. No one knew the pilots or the owners.

It seems as if some alien technician who operates the Quantum Machine reassigned “The Dirigible” to slightly wrong intersect points on the Space/Time continuum. Or, more likely, it was done on purpose. So, I’m going to use the term “time reassignment” in an expanded way. The manifestation of dirigibles was scheduled for 1910 but they were sprinkled into reality mysteriously in the 1800s, for humans to perceive. The dirigibles had a time reassignment mission.

This line of thinking could lead to Paranoia with a capital “P,” but let’s keep our heads, as Grace Slick once sang. (Oh, that was “Feed your head.”)

The Nazca lines in Peru certainly look like air strips. Air strips would not be needed by the UFOs we see today. What planes were landing in 450 A.D.?

Both the Mayans and the ancient Egyptians designed insect-shaped treasures of solid gold which have been proved to have a perfectly aerodynamic design. Looking closely at these relics, they are planes, not insects, and they do fly. Airplanes have been built exactly on the designs of these relics, and flew very effectively.

So, did that technician on the Quantum Machine make more mistakes and manifest airplanes in the ancient Incan, Mayan and Egyptian intersect points in Space/Time? Or were airplanes sprinkled into the reality of those days, on purpose? Were the airplanes and their pilots, on time reassignment?

A photograph has made the rounds on the Internet of an apparent time traveler in the crowd of the 1928 film, “The Circus,” with Charlie Chaplin. Why is this woman a time traveler? She is talking on a cell phone. Was she on time reassignment? Now maybe that one was an error on the part of the Quantum Machine technician!

I’m not really suggesting that aliens with a Quantum Time Reassignment Machine create every ounce of our reality. However, the film “Source Code” is based on advanced technology which the military is presently doing, or trying to do. So if we in 2011 are verging on being able to reassign an

individual or object into another point in space/time itself, then certainly those advanced aliens in their nearly magic flying saucers, can do this quite well.

Why would they do this? Who really knows? However, a guess might be that when the curious, intelligent, inventive Homo sapiens species sees a mystery dirigible overhead, it somehow sets a chain of events in motion which leads to the invention and wide use, of the dirigible some 20 years later. The mystery air ships were perhaps a catalyst for advancement in human technology and even evolution.

The Egyptians see a piper cub go over, and craftspeople are soon working overtime to put this mystery craft into a gold trinket for the Pharaoh, and soon enough, some Egyptian has a test flight in the real thing. Over in South America, the Incans are building landing strips for their flying invention, inspired by mystery flying ships.

However, humankind did not hold onto the knowledge of being able to fly in airplanes, so what were the aliens doing? It might have been a calculated gamble that humans could hold onto this knowledge. Maybe the aliens said, “Let’s see if they hold onto this morsel we are giving them, or will they lose it?”

“And let’s make note of why they lose it.”

Well, we lost it, probably due to the heavy yoke of religion, the heavy yoke of being supposed to follow leaders who weren’t deserving of our allegiance, and because of the heavy yoke of making war and being greedy for money. At any rate, the Dark Ages saw no humans in their flying machines, the planes were long gone – forgotten.

Sometimes I feel that enlightened humans, even those called star people, contactees, and light workers, are on time reassignment missions. To feel, think, and be so alien down on Earth, often bullied in school, always seeing what is unseeable, thinking what is unthinkable, and feeling the Great Unknown holds more promise than the surly bonds of 21st Century Earth, is like a reassignment of who you are, and “when” you are.

An Earth with no war, no slavery to money, no greedy gobbling up of Earth’s precious resources, no racial and other stupid, ignorant prejudices—that Earth seems like home to many of us.

However, let’s get back to the alien technician and his Quantum Machine. I wonder if some paranormal events, even some ghosts, happen because quantumly, the ghosts should be “elsewhere in perception,” but the machine manages to send a glimmer and shimmer of them through our perception of reality. Madame DuBerry, the ghost of the great mansion, is actually Madame DuBerry who got accidentally “time reassigned” for a few seconds, like being on one groove of an old fashioned phonograph record, then slipping onto the next groove. These are grooves in the fabric of space/time, which give us our perception of reality.

After all, all time is simultaneous. “Time” exists only because we cannot comprehend all things happening at once (so says Einstein). It is always the Eternal Now.

But which Now is it? The Now of yesterday? Today? Tomorrow?

If you can fly your mother ship from the Andromeda Galaxy, or even from Alpha Centuri, and/or you can fly your mother ship through time from the Year 2510, and/or you can fly your mother ship from your multiverse to my multiverse, then you probably have a Quantum Machine which can reassign objects and even living creatures, to a “wrong” time. Once re-assigned, they can be perceived.

Maybe you just get a laugh out of seeing a Mayan gaze at the airplane overhead, or Charlie Chaplin wonder why that woman in the background of his movie, is holding a small box up to her ear.

Or maybe that cell phone woman in 1928 had an important time reassignment mission we know nothing about, like the dying soldier in “Source Code.”

Maybe the aliens gave the Egyptians the designs for an airplane to help humankind move along on its long road to enlightenment and even technical advancement. Maybe the aliens like to “raid the game” and set the odds in their favor – or is it our favor? Neither? Both?

The concept of “time reassignment” is one more consideration as we, the now boldly-going human race, face the rest of the galaxy. Hello!

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