Truth as to What Happens To Us When We Die and Where Do We Go

Written by J.S. Thompson

The questions below were asked by one of our avid readers…with answers provided by J.S. Thompson


1) When the time does comes and we leave the earth and move on, “out there”, to Solamenta, will we remember this life, or any of our antecedent Earth lives?


First of all, we never forget our lives on the earth and in most cases; it becomes a lot clearer to us. One of the most important technologies that are available to us when we are “out there-Solamenta”… is the ability to look at the actual tapes of our lives. We see a bit of this when we first arrive but it is the responsibility of the individual to continue to review our earth life tapes as we are advised to do so. However, it is a choice whether we do this or not. Sometimes these tapes are very hard to look at and often people opt not to continue to view them.

2) When we arrive “out there-Solamenta”, will we be aware of all the functions of our inherent technology out there and the purpose of our lives as a staff guide for our newly appointed person here on earth?


With regard to God’s technology that is “out there-Solamenta”, when we arrive, this technology is new to us and no one understands it well, with the exception of the few who have done the work to do so. Even when we begin to actually use God’s technology out there to talk to our person or persons on the earth; our ability to do the job is more often than not… ineffective, unless one has a strong scientific foundation and a very open mind not contaminated with primitive or religious beliefs. All one has to do to see the logic in this, is to look around at the world we live in! It takes more than one’s desire to create a world without poverty and crime. The training to understand and to effectively use this technology is readily available if one is so inclined to take advantage of it. Even there, surrounded by technology and now apparent immortality, “beliefs, not truths” are still abound and this is more often the case than not. Learning how to be an effective guide is extremely difficult!

With a few exceptions, life “out there- Solamenta”, is very similar to life here on the earth. We don’t become holy or more intelligent just because our time on earth is terminated. Additionally, “out there- Solamenta”, the stress of being returned to the earth is always present. Becoming a person who leaves the cycle of life and death is a single minded goal for most all people who live Solamenta. We only leave the cycle of life and death, when we have overcome all of the objectives which build the necessary character to live in an eternal community. Evolution is a very slow process. It is a choice! I have to say that there are very few people out there that fully understand what being a guide means and for many who do understand how important this job is… the requirements to be a good one. are stringent. Therefore, like people on the earth, you have a handful of those who are mastered and the rest who are still seeking to be the artists that God intends for all of us to become someday.

3) Upon our arrival “out there-Solamenta”, will we be able to recall all of our life’s earth experiences due to the fact that both good and evil are present “out there” as well… and then, is the next level we reach (after the life/death earth cycle), is it not comparable to a “heaven” or what you refer to as “Paradise”?


There is a difference between “out there- Solamenta” and “Paradise”. There are only a few people who have distinguished themselves enough to be called citizens of the eternal community. The requirements to live and work there are stringent. We will all one day, live there but not until we have developed talents great enough to be respected there. The citizens of Paradise are all respected equally. They are the ones who stood alone when the rest of the world, criticized them, assaulted them and even killed them. Once a person is deemed ready to live in Paradise, their mission then… becomes helping the rest become divine beings as they have become, and they do this in as many ways as one can imagine.

Seeing and remembering our life’s earth experiences “out there” are absolutely mandatory for our continued development. Being a guide is another way we apply what we’ve learned on the earth to help others. Good and evil continue to exist side by side out there just like it does on the earth. However, “out there-Solamenta”, overt physical crime is not prevalent but telepathic crime is. Don’t forget, Solamenta and Paradise are two different places. No crime or evil exists in Paradise! So, our work is not done when we leave the earth; we continue to grow and evolve. The more we evolve here on the earth, the greater our chances of leaving the cycle of life and death and moving to the next level there.

4) If Earth is the beginning of our evolution and since we have spent countless lives here…is “Solamenta-out there”, just the next “level” of consciousness?


I don’t like to use the term” level of consciousness”, because it is a term that has little definition. Are we aware when we arrive there that we are immortal… yes, we are. Are we aware that this is a place of great technology… yes, but there are some who really don’t understand it very much? There are many people in the world that just don’t have the foundation for understanding at this time in their individual evolution. For them, it is a place that has as little definition as the earth holds for many. There are only a handful of people on earth that can understand this extremely advanced or divine technology that exists here on the earth and how it works, etc. For instance, science understands how to make electricity work but electricity is still just a theory. Just like heat, circuits, charge, etc… science today, knows that if you do “A”…..”B” happens. Apart from that, they don’t know what causes electricity. Even the electron is theoretical. We can send a spaceship to the moon, but we really don’t know “exactly” how we accomplished it!

5) If we have manifested many bodies and genders on Earth, is the body we inhabit “out there-Solamenta”, a true representation of ourselves?


First of all, we have manifested many lives on earth but we have always been the same gender. Many “new age” philosophies, teach that we experience both genders during our many incarnations on earth; however, this is incorrect!

The body that we have “out there-Solamenta” is a representation of ourselves but it is not an exact one. For one, we are telepathic as opposed to vocal. We also don’t have reproductive organs. Our genitals out there, are modified a great deal; however, we are still distinctly male and female. “Out there- Solamenta”, one is “incapable” of having earth sex. There is a form of sex there, but it is a fairly non- fulfilling, synthetic representation of earth sex.

All of these differences serve a purpose for our continued development. Look at it this way; on the earth, we create a facade which cloaks our inner feelings. On earth we often speak neither our hearts, nor our minds. We cover this part of us up for defensive purpose. There, it is these feelings that the system, the defined boundaries of Solamenta, attempts to reveal. Seeing ourselves both inside and outside is the key to evolution. It’s difficult to cloak your feelings when you are telepathic. One must learn to control their negative thinking in a telepathic world. The same principle applies for the sex act as well. It’s not that God doesn’t want us to enjoy ourselves; God most certainly does… sex and relationships are extremely important to us there but we must learn the value of intimacy! Abstinence is the key to appreciation! Both men and women are encouraged to abstain from sexual contact until they become divine. In other words, it is the wisdom of divinity that allows one to choose a mate properly and thereby entering into an eternal relationship!

Both men and women out there, are discouraged from engaging in any form of sexual contact. However, this guideline is often disregarded. When one obtains a certain level of understanding about relationship, then they become acutely aware that relationship is the foundation of eternal life and the only way for one to find their eternal soul mate, to coin a phrase, is to have an advanced computer tell you who it is. Even then, one has to have the character to be in an eternal relationship. In short only those who live in Paradise have eternal relationships and given license to engage in sexual intercourse in any format they choose and with God’s blessing. Divine beings are human in all regards and are free to have human sex or any other kind of sex, as they are so inclined to do.

With regard to our physiology “out there-Solamenta”, if you have access to advanced technology, you also have the ability to change physical characteristics. Cosmetic surgery, advanced being style, is very big for those who can afford it. As you can imagine those who are divine are extremely beautiful people! When we arrive there, we are all afforded physical youth. Out there everyone looks 30 and under. It’s interesting to see someone there like your Mother or Father who looks to be, as in my case, 17 and 23… but they still have the bearing of those who died at a ripe ole age. However, because they look and feel young, they also have a youthful exuberance about them.

6) “Out there-Solamenta”, will we choose our body, or create it?


Advanced technology is capable of creating a body and also a consciousness. It is done all of the time. Sometimes depending upon our level of access to the technology out there, we can choose to look the way we want. It’s no different than here on earth. If you have the money, you can look like a movie star! Standard issue, if you will, means that when we arrive out there, we don’t breathe; we have a facsimile of male and female genitalia, we don’t defecate or urinate. We do eat however, but the food we eat is converted to energy in a very efficient manner. The more advanced we become, the more human we become. Divine beings have access to a human body. The wisdom learned here… is that it is the human body that is the most advanced!

7) “Out there-Solamenta”, will we be a gender and have reproductive organs?


We do have a gender and that will never change. Divine beings can reproduce if they “need” to but Solamenta beings do not. I’m not aware of any reason for any advanced being, the need to reproduce at this time or if it has ever happened in the past. There might be a reason for it in the future.

8) “Out there-Solamenta”, will we be mortal and proceed to live and die within many bodies as we did on Earth before we leave “Solamenta”?


The only death out there is a rebirth back into a new life here on earth for one’s further individual evolution! Very few people out there want to be reborn but it is a stress that exists out there; just like death and the uncertainties associated with it, exists here. We do have many bodies though. These are bodies which allow us to be in many other dimensions as necessary to do the work required of us and these bodies are all attached to us. These other dimensional bodies are, and what’s commonly referred to… as an “aura”.

9) Do we ever evolve past the stage of “Solamenta” as we do the Earth?


Yes… eventually we will all become divine beings. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when and the “when” is a matter of our own personal choice. Eventually when everyone in this sector, becomes divine, we will all live and work together here on the earth… “Paradisa Christas Eart”!

10) What is the main difference between being “here on Earth” and being “out there-Solamenta”, other than the two different purposes (Earth beings are here to learn to listen to logic in order to practice telepathy and Solamenta beings out there, are for guiding Earth beings to be able to communicate telepathy?


There is very little difference between earth and Solamenta.

Just about anything you can do here on the earth, you can also do “out there-Solamenta”. I do need to make one correction in your question; becoming telepathic is a decision made by one’s guides. We cannot become telepathic here on earth unless our guides allow it and our guides, although tempted to do so from time to time, should never allow their person on earth to become telepathic unless all of the criteria they are given… have been fulfilled. These criteria are there for the guides as well as their person on the earth. Not to do this properly, can result in disaster for all concerned. One thing that I need to make very clear; telepathy here on the earth is somewhat different to telepathy “out there-Solamenta”. Remember, those who are here, are here for a very specific reason; to develop the character necessary to live in an eternal community “Paradise”. People on the earth who become telepathic are talking to their guides through an advanced computer. This process can be very difficult. Those on the earth who have psychological, alcohol, drug or other disorders should not even try!

Guides who are irresponsible and attempt to communicate with their people before they are ready are responsible for every mental disorder that exists. We should all be prayerful and righteous in our lives in all respects. It is for all of us one day, when we are ready; to explore and eventually make our way through the darkness that leads us to God and eternal life. When we are ready… is a choice characterized by the challenges in life we have overcome and the strengths we have gained through them.

Great questions and as always, good luck in your journey…

J.S. Thompson


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!


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