“UFO AGENDA: So You Want to Know the Truth?”


The following interview with Diane Tessman, author of the brand new book UFO AGENDA, was conducted by the editor of QUANTUM SHAMAN website and periodical. 

Question from QUANTUM SHAMAN editor: Diane, what is your main goal in writing this book?

Diane’s Answer: 

I have been a UFO researcher, writer, and experiencer, for over thirty years, having had several childhood encounters with UFO occupants. I have written five books over the years, several of which are very popular, but I wanted this time to put it all together and by doing so, reveal something new and astounding – the answers! I have concluded with certainty that there is not just one answer, but many answers to this ancient and enormous mystery. One of the barriers to humans finding out about the UFO agenda is that we look for one right answer. Each one of us then embraces one theory, and tends to exclude all other possible answers. We think we need to choose a team and then champion that one team. In fact, there are a number of origins of UFO occupants and a number of motives as to why they remain in our skies year after year. My new book, just published in July 2013, on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon, explores all the possibilities and answers. The answers regarding UFOs are huge, complex, and mind-bending. I have attempted to capture this incredible tableau with logic and with intuitive insight from spirit, because both logic and spirit are crucial to the answers.

Question from QS: Why did you divide your book into three main sections?

Diane’s Answer:

The first section of the book is entitled “Human Consciousness and Quantum Intelligence” because in my over 30 years of actively investigating UFOs and their occupants, I have again and again run into a presence I call “my Other.” I relate this to all humankind having “the Other” awaiting just across the veil. Somehow, as our human intelligence, knowledge and consciousness expands, so does the universe. More alien planets are spotted every day, more spinning galaxies appear, and more alien beings also manifest. Our survival and evolution as a species is indeed involved in the UFO phenomenon! As our awareness grows, they come to us more and more.

The second section of my new book is “The Paranormal: Ghosts, Fairies, and Phantoms.” I believe that everyone involved in the search for UFO answers, knows that The Paranormal is sometimes involved. Or perhaps always involved? In UFO AGENDA, I explore ghosts, fairies, phantoms and ultra-terrestrial domains such as the dark plasma biosphere as UFO connected in a way which hasn’t quite been explored before.

The third section is simply, “UFOs and Aliens,” and offers answers. I list and explain alien        sources and motives/motivations as I have discovered them to be over the many years since my own in-person contact with aliens in childhood. I also tackle questions such as what will become of human religions and society. I openly connect our own collective consciousness in its evolving state with these beings from other domains, realms, planets, and sources.

Question from QS: Would you call your interest in UFOs intellectual or spiritual and which view of the puzzle is reflected in your new book?

Diane’s answer:

Both! No longer can we proclaim that the UFO puzzle is absolutely scientific/intellectual OR spiritual.  We have to realize it is BOTH and only in realizing this, do we find the answers! Humans need to open their minds to logic/spirit blending which will allow a more complete view of reality itself. This is our evolutionary step at hand. And when we collectively take that step, we will perceive the gigantic truths about UFOs and their mysterious occupants from mysterious sources. My new book “UFO AGENDA, So You Want to Know the Truth?” opens the portal of understanding which I believe has not been opened before.

Kindle book:   http://www.amazon.com/The-UFO-Agenda-ebook/dp/B00DUEPPJ4

Available in paperback on Amazon too! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=UFO+agenda+Tessman

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