UFO Occupants: More than Just Cold Observers

It is clear that humans do not understand some of the actions of the UFO occupants, but if we really think it through, we will understand much of their behavior and many of their actions; sometimes we say automatically, “Oh, they just don’t make any sense for being such obviously intelligent beings.” Maybe it is we humans who should take a fresh look at what our visitors do, and why their actions confuse us, maybe the shortcoming is partially ours.

First, we have to keep in mind that there must be agreements between space/time intelligences and earth governments. We cannot be sure if earth factions (governments), have made a number of agreements with individual alien groups over the years or if the agreement was made with a united space/time intelligence (a federation); however, an obvious component of any agreement was/is that the aliens not interact with humans overtly in great numbers. The aliens are to stay “reasonably hidden,” and they have mostly abided by this. Recently, the aliens seem to be pushing this agreement to the edge with their very low, numerous flights and quick landings or near-landings. 


Perhaps there is an urgent reason for the aliens’ pushing the limits of the non-interference agreement which involves the lives of millions, even billions of humans. Or perhaps the aliens are discouraged with the political leaders of Earth and are re-thinking their agreement. 

At any rate, this “not appearing in great numbers face to face” in itself makes alien behavior confusing to us, and makes us ask, “What have they got to hide?” If we had a loving benefactor who had to remain hidden in the shadows and who had agreed not to just sit down and explain the gift he was trying to give to us, we would be suspicious and fearful of this shadow-person.

The other main fact to remember is that on the whole, aliens deal with us through our collective consciousness. If they abduct an individual, they still seem to work through the human collective consciousness; this does not usually set well with that individual, because we are used to dealing with each other individual to individual.

Let me give you an example: You adopt a rescue cat from the shelter. For a while, you have to deal with this new family member through your view of the cat collective consciousness. “Cats love fish,” so you give him a fish-based food. Sure, he ate it the first day he came home because he was very hungry, but then he starts turning down the fish-based food. It turns out, contrary to collective cat consciousness, this individual does not like fish (cats are finicky). “Cats use litter pans,” you say to yourself, thinking of the cat collective consciousness. Alas, your new little cat does not use his litter pan. Then you turn on the vacuum cleaner, remembering that your friend’s cat doesn’t mind the vacuum, and your new cat friend leaps in mortal fear to the top of the living room curtains and stays up there 2 hours.

Eventually, you and your new cat friend get straightened out, and you find yourself dealing with him as an individual. However, if you had abducted him for an hour, and fed him fish-based cat food, expected him to use his litter pan, and turned on your vacuum, it would have been an abduction that went badly. Still, you did gain some info on cats in general, and that might be helpful in the future.

Humans have been fearful of aliens for years because of accounts of bad abductions. The best that might have been said is that the aliens are cold observers; they are scientists who examine humans just like humans examine laboratory animals which are not only rats, but dogs, cats, orangutans, chimps, and other intelligent species. Maybe now we know how it feels.

No abductee of whom I am aware, has ever left the flying saucer minus a limb, a kidney, part of a liver, or lobotomized. Fact is, many abductees exit their abductions traumatized emotionally because it is a huge deal to meet aliens! Children leave the doctors’ traumatized emotionally after a vaccination and the dentist seemed like Klaus Barbie to me when I was a kid. A more extreme example: Some soldiers leave the battlefield unwounded except for the Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) syndrome which will haunt them.

Some kids are frightened silly by the needle of a vaccination. Some soldiers just don’t have the emotional tools to deal with post-fear, the post-horrors of war, while other soldiers seem to

adjust without seeking outside help. It is not a plus or a minus for the individual, it is simply that we are all different individually.

If you were an alien, you would look at your data on the human collective consciousness and see that humans are very curious beings, essentially quite bright, but you would have discovered that some humans fall into a pit of mindless fear on unpredictable subjects. A child might do fine at the doctors, and scream and kick at the dentist.

Ah, that pit of fear: Any shaman or any psychologist will tell you that

fear is the root of nearly all situations which go amok. Let’s say 3 teen girls are playing with a Ouija board. You might disagree, but I feel/know, there is nothing inherently evil about a Ouija board. I’m not aiming to pick on teenage girls, but teens are sometimes not in control of their emotions. Two of the girls ask a few questions of the board, they wonder to themselves which of their friends is pushing the pointer, and that is that, their curiosity moves to something else.

However, the third girl begins to have nightmares, she is visited by “evil aliens,” she feels the other 2 girls are against her as a “mass mind,” and she almost has a nervous breakdown.

That girl could not handle the “fear factor” with logic and intelligence. She is intelligent, but for whatever reason, childhood environment, hormones, or genetics, her emotions took over. Fear took over. This fear can be alleviated by others, or it can be stoked like the fires of hell. Mob violence is an offshoot of the latter.

This behavior has happened repeatedly in human history, it has caused witches to be burned, women to be stoned to death, and black men to by lynched. Mindless fear! It is fear of contamination of white blood or human blood (in the case of human abductees), or fear of “witch powers” or the fear of the loss of male power religiously given to men, over women.

Is this human fear syndrome a factor in our perception of alien abductions?

Isn’t it time we recognize this fear element in our collective consciousness, which can lead to mob violence and mindless hatred, and see it for what it is? Let’s not continue to employ this least-positive element of ourselves, against the aliens as we have employed it against every “enemy” we have ever had. If we go to war (the human answer?), against the aliens, we will lose. This fear/hate syndrome is

not the way to go with aliens!

The aliens may not go to war with us, but they could simply leave. And, I believe they are basically here to help us when we really need it. We also need to evolve into cosmic citizenship if we are to continue as a species. Otherwise, we stagnate.

The typical view of “abductions” is one of the reasons many of us have concluded, perhaps unfairly, that UFO occupants are “cold observers.” However, the abduction phenomenon is

more complicated than that, and our human perception does play a big role. So let’s think in a fresh way about abductions and encounters, realizing that it takes two to tango. Life puts us in unexpected situations many times; abductions and encounters are unexpected but are they really so horrifically negative? Until we know the whole picture, which is forbidden to us by our own leaders, we cannot understand abductions and encounters fully.

If we feel UFO occupants are cold observers, what about the thousands if not millions of people who have had an alien help them through an illness or a trauma? Some of these people have actually seen their friendly visitor while others simply know there was a loving presence who identified him/her/itself as an alien (ET, other-dimensional being). Or there may be an alien presence who has been an unseen friend throughout a human lifetime.

There are many variations on this and none of these variations are counted as valid by many involved in UFO research. Yet, the concept of “angels” is accepted more frequently. If Reverend Jack has a wonderful angel friend who has given nice positive help and information for years, that is inspirational and acceptable.

If Contactee John has a wonderful alien friend who has given positive help and information for years, John is another “nut job” or “faker.”

What is the difference between an alien and an angel? Are we sure we know that the angel is good and the alien is bad or at least “cold and only observing?”

From the aliens’ point of view:

“Ok, we agreed not to appear to masses of humans, face to face, in “real time” so that our reality becomes simply

known by the human race. We agreed to this mostly because earth leaders have the right to lead earth people (non-interference), so, then we tried to learn more about human collective consciousness and subconsciousness through individual “abductions” and “encounters,” wherein human reactions happened, for better or worse.”

“It is our belief that if the few are frightened, partly due to their own reaction, but our work with human collective consciousness does serve the greater good of the many, it is acceptable. It is our knowledge that humankind (“the many”), do and will need assistance.”

“We also have knowledge of quantum entanglement fields, so we have contacted individual humans without using our craft, directly going to that individual’s morphic field of consciousness. In some cases we helped the contacted individuals or continued the contact, in other cases, we just went away.”

“Our motives are good ones, but those who should be leaders in the UFO field, insist on imposing a negative spin to everything we do. Stereotypes abound. We actually are not angels, so we have made mistakes as we try to deal with the collective human consciousness, but our intentions are good, at least in our long range plan to help humankind and to help Earth in crisis times.”

“Cold observers would have left for greener pastures long ago. It should be obvious we are involved in

helping Earth. I say “helping” because we have not bombed your homes, your cities, your continents, or annihilated your entire planet. We have not taken the hearts, livers, and kidneys of abductees, nothing like that. If we had an ongoing genetic modification program, we could get lots of good genetic material from one individual, similar to your sperm banks (one man can donate many sperm for many children, it does not take one man to give one sperm, then the next man to give the next sperm, endlessly). Why would we abduct one person to give one bit of DNA, then the next person, and so forth? One good DNA specimen can give countless DNA samples. Yet, we have not kept ‘one good specimen’ either, we always allow our abductees to leave.”

“Of course, we have been around throughout the millennia and we do have human connections. You humans have alien connections, but that topic is for another day.”

The alien might end by saying, “Take a fresh look at your old assumed conclusions regarding us. Your conclusions are full of fear and even hatred for “the different.” You are giving into old human frailties which are not your best traits. But this is the time, of all times in Earth history, to appeal to your better angels, your better inclinations and intelligence.”

“Be curious. Be open. That is all we ask. We battle an atmosphere of FEAR, which is viciously stoked by governments, religions, corporations, and others, scared to death of losing their power over the people. However, this is a very unusual moment in Earth’s history, this is the moment of “do or die,” the Change Point is coming.”

“We are not cold observers, we are here to help. At least consider taking a fresh look at old stereotypes!”

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