Ufologist’s Dilemma: A Fine Fleet of Fortean Clouds

This afternoon when I was done working on my latest Change Times Quarterly, I took my dogs out to their big fenced in area, as usual. There was not a cloud in the sky, except on the northern horizon. There they were: five small opaque clouds in a cluster! Two were vaguely saucer-shaped, and the other three were fluffy-round.

Instinctively, they struck me as strange, so I asked myself, “Why are these clouds out of place, somehow?”

However, I had to run back inside on an animal chore, and when I came back out about 45 seconds later, the five clouds had moved very quickly straight south, because they were no longer on the horizon, they were almost overhead, still just a bit to the north. They were low clouds, not as low as low racing storm clouds but lower than most drifting “just sky clouds.”

The wind was (and still is as I write this), blowing hard directly from the north. It was predicted we would have the first snow of the season last night, but it just missed us. However, the weather today is the same as right after a snow storm: the sky is literally cloudless, the north wind is howling, and it is very cold. After all, this is the North Iowa border, Minnesota is 4 miles away, and it is November 9th, 2011.

So, the wind was directly from the north at perhaps 35 mph as I gazed at these clouds, but now they were headed due east at a fast pace. “What?” queried I to myself. They had obviously just come south, I assumed blown by the wind; they had come to almost overhead, from the northern horizon. But now they were going due east?

I watched for perhaps 3 more minutes, and then realized that the clouds had come back toward the west! Holy cow! They had also moved just a tad south, so would have been directly over me, but they “stopped” before they reached overhead.

Finally, after perhaps another 3 minutes, they headed east again and disappeared over the eastern horizon in about 5 minutes. They never did go directly south after they first reached near-overhead; one would expect they would, if they were mere clouds blown by the strong wind.

By the time they came back toward me (back west), I decided I would call them not a cluster of clouds but a fleet of clouds. They moved together. They changed shape a bit, as clouds do, but the center of each remained opaque.

One roughly saucer-shaped cloud was the biggest and it stayed in front. Two were middle sized and two were smaller. This is beginning to sound like the “3 Bears!” The ones in back of the leader, did change places somewhat.

Maybe this is egotistical, but they began their odd path across the sky right as I came out with the first of my four dogs on a leash. I do this every day at a predictable time, being governed by what my dogs and cats demand for their afternoon outing. However, this might not be relevant.

I am not a person who has frequent UFO sightings. I have had UFO encounters and sightings, I have had paranormal events, but not on a steady basis, and not recently (much to my disgust).

I am not a person who has been interested in cloud UFOs. I heard Shirley MacClaine on the “Oprah” Show” and thought she was very enlightened and intelligent, but scoffed when I heard she has star craft behind clouds over her New Mexico home.

I have read several articles on UFO Digest about UFOs hiding behind cloud camouflage which they generate, apparently. I have been skeptical of these, and maybe that is my mistake. After this afternoon, I do wonder. Yes, I could be wrong!

Yes, I should have taken photos, shame on me. However, I kept thinking, “Oh, those are just clouds.” The cats and dogs were running around, Modo was even stuck on the roof. I was tired from writing all afternoon, and I just didn’t get the camera. I also told myself, “Well, even if they are strange, the photo will look like just clouds, so why bother?

Also, I have had experiences with people who see almost any cloud or any non-twinkling planet in the sky, and declare it the mothership, or the cloud disguise of the mothership. I suppose any former investigator for MUFON and APRO (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization), which I am, retains some scientific skepticism.

On the other hand, I have channeled hundreds of messages from my UFO contact Tibus, whom I have known since childhood. So I am a hypocrite or at least, I am torn as half skeptical scientist and half contatcee/abductee/star person. I pride myself in my ability to separate subjective Diane from objective Diane.

I suspect this is true of many of us; let’s call it the ufologist’s dilemma. In fact, there is some personal, non-objective reason why many (or all?) of us became fascinated with UFOs. Some of us do gravitate to the totally subjective, spiritual side of things, while others doggedly stick to pure objectivism, if there is such a thing; quantum physics tells us that the perceiver participates in creating the perception. Investigators are perceivers, too.

At any rate, I am fond of quoting the Jacque Vallee character in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” “The UFO phenomenon is a phenomenon sociologique.” It never was a purely scientific phenomenon. It is imperative that as we investigate it, we leave room for both sides of the whole!

It is now about two and a half hours since the Cloud Fleet went over, and there has been not one other cloud in the sky. None. Nada. Just the fleet! At the very least, it was a Fortean event.

Those five out-of-place clouds appeared on the horizon, came right toward me, and then went against the laws of nature because they were no longer blown by the wind. They remained opaque and separate, behind one large leader; they did not disintegrate or get blown together, as clouds often do.

Needless to say, I am going to read up on alien craft generating clouds to hide behind; it does make perfectly logical sense. It is an aspect of UFO theory I never really confronted or thought through. It also makes sense for alien craft to make themselves look like airplanes or helicopters.

The more I think about it, the weirder it gets!

This afternoon, I witnessed a fine fleet of Fortean clouds. I feel very fortunate!


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