UFOs-Alien Craft, Crop Circles – Who Makes Them and what is Their Purpose?

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When an alien craft makes a crop circle, it is done for good reason. Advanced Beings/Aliens are not out there fooling around trying to tell the good people of earth how to become more like them; just the opposite is true. What they are doing when they make contact with us of any kind, it is a military operation. Their survival depends on us remaining as we are, with our limited technology which poses no threat and most importantly to them… not evolving into them! Crop circles and UFO sightings are a way for them to measure the interest of the general population regarding paranormal activity. If they have their way, the general population would always consider interest in UFO’s and other paranormal activity as a fringe study and those who do it, as kooks.

Most of the governments of the world know about their existence but advanced beings/aliens don’t worry about these governments; they can control those in authority easily. High ranking members of the government are easy to control because they can manipulate their egos. They manipulate leaders, scientists and others who could threaten them, by speaking to them through their consciousness or using a multi- dimensional advanced computer which communicates telepathically. Additionally, advanced beings have allowed surrogates, (beings designed to perform a specific functions) and craft to be captured; however, this does not happen by mistake. These are not random accidents and in fact, are planned incidents. These beings and craft are planted in the hands of certain governments to lead us away from them.

Advanced being craft or as we here on earth call them “alien craft”…. mimic the engineering genius of the universe. Since these craft are multi-dimensional, we only see a part of them. We don’t see the huge thrusters which are in a dimension we are not physically able to see. The thrust to weight ratio of these craft is enormous! The moving parts of the craft are multi-dimensional and so heat is not created in the atomic dimension or solar dimension that we here on earth, experience or see.

If an advanced being society were to give you an advanced craft to study because they wanted you to do something for them, you would most certainly attempt to back engineer the craft to find out how it works, but you would never figure out how it works; you would never be able to back engineer this craft or unlock the secrets of it dimensionality. An advanced being society would never give you the tools to threaten them. If we are going to discover how other dimensional science works, we’re going to have to do it another way of which has been referenced in some of my other articles.

The last thing advanced beings/aliens want or need… are ignorant egotistical humans, building equipment that can tunnel to their bases far below the earth’s surface or even worse, develop “other dimensional advanced technology”.

Crop circles are also used to throw society off the track; the same as the planting of their alien craft into the hands of governments. They construct a crop circle to measure the public interest in them and then manipulate what they know will happen next… “Human Fraud”! There are very few authentic crop circles! Most of them are frauds performed by humans. After all, if you can get someone else to do the work for you, you have not only conserved energy but have used the ignorance of society against themselves. Society is its own worst enemy!

With regard to authentic crop circles made by advanced beings/aliens, there are a few; it is done with an advanced computer and the manipulation of electrons.

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J.S. Thompson

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