UFOs and the 12-Sided Hall of Mirrors

Most cosmologists think the universe is infinite and that the fabric of Space/Time is stretched out, with “indents” in which the planets, stars, and other celestial objects “sit.” However, what if the universe is not flat, just as the Earth turned out to be not flat? Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Paris Observatory has found that the universe may well be finite, 12 sided, and a hall of mirrors.

If this is true, how do UFOs and their occupants fit into it? Of course, no one knows for sure, and the theory itself is being challenged. Hoped-for evidence that Luminet is correct, has not manifested, but it is an idea which bears some thought. It can even be spiritually energizing.

A brief background on what gave rise to this 12 sided universe/hall of mirrors theory: The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotrophy Probe (WMAP) satellite has produced an incredibly detailed picture of cosmic microwave background, the ubiquitous cold light that the universe gave off in its infancy. The sizes of the hot and cold spots in the microwave background revealed age and composition of the cosmos; however, on the very largest scales, there weren’t as many temperature fluctuations as expected – which might mean, the universe is finite, not infinite.

Physicists and mathematicians have shown a dodecahedral universe is a slightly curved space, and can explain the anomaly of the lack of temperature fluctuations on the largest scale. Opposite “faces” of the dodecahedron are associated and are actually the same thing, so the Starship Enterprise zooming out one side of the universe, winds up flying right back into the other side of the universe.

For specifics on the 12-sided universe theory, I suggest:


The “hall of mirrors” concept – if we look out to one side of the dodecahedron, we see not a boundary, but our own universe all over again, as seen from the other side. It’s like a hall of mirrors

except that instead of seeing your face, you see the back of your head and the images would be partially rotated, according to Luminet.

If you’re having trouble with this, you’re not alone! It might help to think of a bagel-universe, a piece of dough pulled out around itself, so side meets side, and top meets bottom. Of course the concept “hologram” also comes to mind. However, all illustrations are pathetically simplistic, there are strange twists in this theory which might defy words.

Remember the old video game “Asteroids?” Your asteroid would leave the right side of the screen and come in the left side? A creature living in this video game would have the illusion of living in infinite space, at least until it left the shackles of Earth and realized things were repeating themselves out in the universe.

Is it an illusion that we are living in a universe with 200 billion galaxies and 200 billion stars in each galaxy? (These are the latest estimates from mainstream scientists). When we look through our telescopes, do we in fact see the same objects repeatedly? Each time they would be partially rotated, so they would not be recognized.

However, one reason main-streamers doubt this theory is that not one duplicate star has been found. Of course, our technology is limited and searching the cosmos takes lots of time anyway.

A hypersphere is a 3 dimensional surface of a 4 dimensional ball. This is a cornerstone of the Hall of Mirrors theory. Again if you want to look into this further, “hypersphere” is a concept to follow in your quest.

Let’s get back to UFOs and their occupants:

First, let’s consider, “Are we in a simulated super-computer reality?” I wrote an article on this recently. Somehow, this finite 12-sided universe could fit into the virtual reality theory quite nicely. I suppose we simulated intelligences might well exist in a dodecahedron-designed program along with the simulated aliens.

The UFO occupants and us really need to meet the beings who run the 12 sided program!

Another possibility: The dodecahedron universe makes travel between this star system and that star system much shorter! We have wondered if the aliens travel through wormholes or blackholes, or somehow warp the fabric of inifnite space, like ants crawling through the center of an old photograph record instead of going around the sides. But if the universe is really much smaller, travel time is cut dramatically.

On top of this, if one component of the 12 sided universe, is the same as the opposite component of the 12 sided universe, the UFO beings might simply be the beings who live on the opposite Earth. Therefore, they are humanoid but slightly different than humans. Their technology is alien and advanced to us, but we can imagine how their technology works, it is within our realm of mind-capability; therefore, the Starship Enterprise does not exist on our Earth, but might it exist on their Earth? That Earth’s technology might be only a hundred years ahead of us.

Ah, I know what you are saying: If the mirror reflection is our Earth, then it is us, not humanoid aliens, who live on Earth.

Well, who knows? But I am guessing that there is something quantum in this too. The multiverse concept might have to exist within the 12 sided universe theory. So, the UFO beings exist in a different “quantum atmosphere” but they are us from that Earth; we are merely about a hundred years ahead of ourselves from this Earth.

I have received messages from my guide Tibus for many years now. One of his most important messages is that on up the road of human evolution, Science and Spirit meet, to become one perception. Once this evolutionary step happens, it will end human conflict and war. We will be, basically, smarter. We will be basically, more of spirit, too.

As it is now, we humans are dominantly right-minded or left-minded. The left-mind person sees a rainbow and thinks of the water droplets caught in the prism which the sun exposes. The right-mind person sees a rainbow and considers it a sign of hope, even wondering if a leprechaun is waiting at the end of it.

In fact, both perceptions of reality are true, right down to the leprechaun.

Tibus says, there is no contradiction, because when the whole mind is used, perception, thus reality, itself changes. We see a new reality which is grander than the sum of those two parts.

Quantum physics tells us that our perception does enter into creating the reality itself.

The UFO phenomenon is a spendid example of science and spirit colliding and thus getting almost no where. Scientists say they will be the only ones to find the answer; newagers and spiritually-oriented folk, say they know the answer. Scientists want to rule out anyone who claims alien contact if it did not happen in “real time,” and require that it was frightening, medical, and negative. Spiritually oriented people say they have been amazingly guided throughout life by UFO occupants and that they have incredible knowledge and unconditional love for us.

Granted, there are many types of aliens, apparently. However, I doubt we humans will fully comprehend what the UFO phenomenon is, until we approach it in a whole mind way. Be intelligent, be logical, but do not rule out a phenomenon which is also spiritual and mystical. Do not proclaim all the spiritual, positive contacts are to get attention or are reported by sick minds, or are imagination run rampant. And the positive folk must realize that some people have had terrible experiences with aliens.

So what does this have to do with a 12 sided universe?

It somehow helps “Science,Practical,Skeptical reality” meet “Spiritual,Mystical, Magickal reality.” If it turns out there is another Earth across the dodecahedron (which is in fact us, in some manner, shape, or form), then certainly we can use this as a lesson to allow the two sides of our own mind to evolve into perceiving as a whole mind.

No contradiction! Our mind is also a hall of mirrors.

The 12-sided universe theory might or might not be accurate. It does lend itself to explaining how UFOs get to Earth without, apparently, traveling for 22 million light years. It also suggests some of those UFO occupants might be us from “the other Earth.”

The satellites which we are sending into orbit with telescopes and advanced abilities aboard, are revealing mind-boggling data on the universe in which we live. There are more “super-earths” turning up than scientists possibly imagined.

A “super-earth” is a planet larger than Earth in a distant star system, which is in just right for life to evolve. These “fairly large” planets have the Goldilocks advantage, “just the right place in the star system and just the right attributes” for life itself – just like Earth. In fact, this kind of planet seems to be the most popular, which absolutely astounds scientists. They had no idea–!

If most of these planets have life, and exist in a docecahedron hall of mirrors, well, all bets are off! It almost makes me wonder why there are not even more UFOs in our skies! 

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