UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds!

Confronting the Enormous Implications of UFOs Camouflaging With Generated Clouds

By Diane Tessman

The main reason that we tend not to confront the evidence that UFOs camouflage themselves with artificially generated clouds, is that the implications are enormous. We sense that this way lies madness; are we to start questioning the legitimacy of all clouds in the sky? Are we being monitored from behind that low-flying cloud overhead? Heck, I bet they can monitor me from that high cloud as well. Geez, clouds are all over the place this morning, run for your lives!

The military’s capabilities are not blocked by a mere cloud, and so obviously, a UFO behind a cloud is to keep these alien craft hidden from the knowledge of the common people, and not from the government and military. It’s annoying to say the least, and if one is given to being fearful, it is frightening. However, remember, these craft are not firing on us from behind these clouds, nor are they beaming us upwards, right off the ground, through the cloud, and into their dungeons. The UFO occupants may simply be keeping their word to Earth governments that they will not abruptly show themselves to the common people of Earth, but rather will let the knowledge trickle down to the people over the years.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s face it: There is strong evidence that UFOs do cloak themselves with clouds which they apparently generate. It might also be true that dimensional travel produces a cloud of vapor or moisture in traversing from there to here, but the main focus of this article will be the low-flying UFOs which seem to hide themselves behind puffy clouds.

On November 9, 2011, I witnessed five anomalous clouds which, to put it bluntly, seemed to be under intelligent control. I admit, this is a leap from my article about my sighting, the more tentative “Ufologist’s Dilemma: A Fine Fleet of Fortean Clouds” on UFO Digest, but this conclusion seems to be the right one after research and thought on my part. There are many reports that indicate UFOs do indeed generate clouds and mists as camouflage. It is actually very logical; to quote the old saying, “If it had been a snake, it would’ve bitten me.”

If you search “UFOs generating clouds” on UFO Digest internal search option, or UFO Casebook search option, you will find a number of articles and reports. My time for research is limited, but if I had the time, I could have found at least twenty-five cases. There is a very recent report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involving the Wachovia Building. It happened the same day as my cloud fleet sighting. It is a very strange report! http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/ncbuilding110911.html

One wonders if fairies and other supernatural beings appearing out of the mist, might be connected to the cloud-generating UFOs of today? (subject for another day).

If they can be categorized, I suppose the “everyday” UFO-generated clouds are cumulus clouds. They are low clouds, because the UFO is low – low enough to be seen from the ground, thus generating a UFO report. These clouds most certainly are artificially generated, so perhaps they don’t fit any natural classification of cloud. There are also mists (less dense clouds), reported around UFOs, perhaps the aliens just turned off the cloud machine and a slight mist remained for a while.

In this article, I am not referring to the huge lenticular clouds over Mount Shasta and other mountain tops which look like “mother ships.” I am referring now to the puffy, misty clouds reported directly around UFOs; these are the seemingly everyday clouds which hide, or partially hide, the craft involved in sightings.

In Mother Nature, chameleons camouflage themselves for protection from predators. Perhaps the aliens are doing the same thing. Leaving aside the possibility that they are obligated to Earth governments not to openly show themselves to common people all the time or in fleets of more than three if close to the ground (just a guess at the number), it may be that the aliens are concerned about hostile humans firing at them from the ground. A lucky shot might ruin your warp-drive and would certainly cause lots of chaotic gunfire on the ground. This whole scenario would be something the aliens would not want, and that Earth governments would not like.

However, why do the aliens spy on common humans in the first place? Well, because we are there. Or, because we are here.

The aliens are obviously explorers, whether from other-dimensions or other planets circling distant stars. They might be basically good guy explorers or basically bad guy explorers; we who are interested in UFOs, vary on that opinion. I feel they are good guy explorers, although the universe and probably our skies, hold good and bad – universal balance!

At any rate, from the number of UFO sightings and encounters, it is obvious the aliens are very interested in us. They want to know what makes us tick. Does that offend you? Well, don’t you want to know what makes them tick? Insatiable curiosity! Of course, they are in the skies of your planet, they came here. So it might be a little pushy of them to spy on us from their self-manufactured clouds.

However, we as a planetary race are in trouble, the icebergs grow larger, the fresh water supplies grow smaller, the storms become super-storms, the viruses become super-viruses, and our global money system is in shambles, just for starters. If the aliens can help us out of this mess, or perhaps an even bigger, more catastrophic mess up the road, I guess they can spy on us, so as to know who they are saving. Maybe they want to know our habitat and habits so they can provide us with our familiar lifestyles when the Yellowstone Super-Volcano explodes.

Or, maybe the aliens are simply studying us like we study Polar Bears as they desperately swim for a disintegrating ice floe, or the last Cheetah in her decimated habitat, or like we study microbes.

I am not offering the ultimate answer as to why the aliens feel the need for camouflage and I am not proclaiming a new age “aliens will save us” scenario in this article.

I am saying, I don’t think we have come to terms with the evidence which suggests that aliens may well be flying over us, hidden behind clouds. I am not saying that every cloud has a UFO behind it, but I am saying that UFOs may be more prevalent in Earth skies than even Ufologists realize.

If you look back in time, there are angels on clouds, Hindu avatars flying in craft covered by clouds, and even the image that the gods or god live on the clouds. So, a little ancient astronaut “proof” never hurts.

I feel we have not wanted to confront the evidence, which turns up in many UFO sightings:

“The object was covered with what looked like a mist.”

“A cloud lighted up from behind, and then I saw the saucer.”

“The objects seem to be half-covered with clouds, and I wondered if there was an optical illusion involved.”

The UFO/cloud puzzle echoes the larger UFO enigma and the implications are enormous. They could be over your head at any time. Apparently they could do anything to or for you that they want. They must be so advanced as to have the cure for cancer; they must have “free energy” for propulsion, so they could easily solve the world’s energy problems. Some of us feel that if they are so interested in us, it can’t be good, while some of us feel, if they are so interested in us, it can’t be bad. How long have they been here with their handy dandy cloud-creating machines? Can I ride in your starship? Please don’t plant your eggs here. Did I know you in a parallel aspect on Mars? Ah, what a crazy field!

I do believe that cloud cloaking is an easy, natural, logical way of keeping the common people from knowing how many UFOs are here. It allows craft to fly low altitudes, in numbers. It protects those in the ships and those on the ground. The cloud-camouflage is not effective with Earth militaries, so they must allow these cloud-UFOs to fly around. Most of the military would not notice the craft behind the clouds any more than you or I would, but pilots would see them, radar operators could pick them up – that’s unless the clouds have some substance which reflects radar back on itself, but that is just a wild guess.

The fact is, many pilots, military and non-military, do see UFOs. We common people have no idea how many UFOs are caught on radar. And also, the fluffy clouds are more often around low-flying UFOs according to reports; so, clouds may be used for protection from ground-humans, and for low-eavesdropping assignments, and may not be used when the UFOs are at the altitude of military and civilian jet planes.

I am doing a lot of speculating here, but I am trying to make some sense of this; I feel it is time we consider the subject more seriously. If cloud-camouflage is true, and we become more cognizant of it, we might be able to put one small puzzle piece into the larger UFO picture. We will keep doing this until the puzzle is complete, and we know the truth, not because some government or some alien allowed us to know the truth, but because we, the common people, figured it out for ourselves! That’s evolution!

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