UFOs: What In the World Are They Doing?

Yesterday I read Roger Marsh’s MUFON reports of the huge boomerang-shaped UFO which hovered over I-70 and Highway 291, in the area where these two highways intersect, in Missouri. This craft had multiple independent observers and they agreed closely with each other as to what they observed.

The gigantic UFO is reported to have had numerous bright lights which were “almost blinding, like stadium lights” There were only a few lights from a rear view, and they were square, not in a straight line but at different angles. Underneath, the craft was a perfect V shape. The craft was utterly silent.

The UFO hovered very low, over I-70 and when it did move away, it apparently moved at a slow speed. It seemed that as it moved away, it split into three craft or else “expanded itself” and became so enormous as to look like three separate craft.

These are fascinating reports! The one published photo is strange and not really like the descriptions; the illustration which an observer drew, is more similar to descriptions. At any rate, there is no reason to doubt any of the multiple independent observers.

Therefore, I arrive at my question: What in the galaxy did these UFO occupants think they were doing?

The first possible answer: They had a really good reason for this mission which I simply do not know and possibly, could not comprehend.

I admit, that’s a possibility. However, let’s look at what I can comprehend:

Why fly a gigantic, possibly even cumbersome (slow) craft, extremely low over an interstate? Maybe the craft could go really fast but the fact is, it moved slowly. It was as low as “500 feet,” and several observers said it was as low as “200 feet, almost could touch it.”

Why hover over slow moving traffic? Apparently there was an accident on Highway 291 which had slowed traffic. One observer said he saw people in other cars looking up at this strange craft, and traffic was moving very slowly. We therefore ask, was the UFO trying to help someone in the car accident?

Or, did the UFO cause the car accident, either on purpose or by accident?

This “light and dark” question tends to focus on the basic nature of the occupants of this craft. However, the car accident might have had nothing to do with the UFO.

Were the UFO occupants studying the interstate highways of human beings? Were they trying to figure out how to drive a car? Were they questioning why humans get themselves into big car-jams?

It seems that UFO occupants should have studied questions of this nature by now; the modern UFO era started in 1947, and cars with humans driving them who end up in traffic jams, have been around all this time.

Frankly, I just can’t imagine the head of Intergalactic Operations saying, “Crew members, go hover really low over a busy interstate highway, and please take our huge, lumbering craft with blinding ‘stadium’ lights, and split into 3 parts as you amble off”

Perhaps the crew aboard this huge craft didn’t take orders from anybody and were just sightseeing. Maybe they just arrived from a distant galaxy and had never seen a traffic jam before. Now I’m just making things up. Back to the facts:

My favorite explanation: The UFO occupants wanted to be seen by a whole bunch of humans, and that seemed like an opportune situation.

No other reason – just that, “It is time that we are seen by as many humans as possible.”

There must be some reason for the immense surge in sightings (excluding tricky video and other hoaxes). It seems that for years, “they” were mostly on specific missions known only to them, but recently, what in the world can they all be doing? They are all over the place!

Are there that many specific, intricate missions (good or bad intentioned), which they need to be doing over crowded human venues?

In recent months, they have appeared over many major cities, over fireworks displays, air shows, and crowded football stadiums. It seems they are zooming around as much as they can, with the specific assignment, “Be sure as many humans see you as possible.”

Why is this happening?

Are the aliens trying to force governments to disclose alien existence to the human masses? It is logical that if enough people see a UFO, the certain knowledge of alien existence and visitation enters the mass human consciousness. The People of Earth will know and the governments and military can no longer keep the truth from the populace. In fact, The People of Earth already know.

In the past, only some humans “believed,” and some did not. With the huge rise in the number of sightings, more and more people have realized that UFO disclosure is mandatory.

After all, once you see an alien craft, you are never the same again. New worlds open up, new hopes, new fears, and eventually, a higher consciousness opens for you. So maybe this goes beyond the aliens trying to force UFO disclosure; perhaps all these public appearances by saucers, triangles, boomerangs, and orbs, are an effort to actually raise the level of human consciousness, worldwide. Perhaps the human species itself is receiving help from aliens in its mental and spiritual evolution.

Is this new? UFOs have always been around, often at pivotal spiritual milestones for humans.

And the final question regarding why UFOs seem to be showing up at venues with large numbers of humans these days:

Are they preparing us for landings?

“First, you see us clearly. Large numbers of you see our craft so that there is no doubt that this is an alien craft. Get used to it, and then we land.”

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