Unidentified Flying Light-Form in Irish Meadow

The above light-form was photographed by me in my yard in rural County Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland, 1991.

I lived in Ireland for five years, studying Celt shamanism and Pagan spirituality, ruins, relics, and how this mystical, dynamic Pagan knowledge is alive and well today in rural Ireland. In the future, I hope to do an article on a few of my impressions and experiences.

However, back to the above flying light form, a few explanations: I sent this photo to a friend in the States, and thus her label,“Sakima,” Ireland, 1/92. In fact, the photo was taken in May, 1991. I also have copies of the photo, plus the original, but I had the best luck uploading this one (the first photo), which she sent to me in e-mail form.

My cat’s name was Sakima, but it may seem I named the flying light-form, “Sakima.” I don’t believe Sakima the Cat saw the amazing flying light-form, nor did I. When I got the photos back from the “chemist” (pharmacy), which developed them, there was this flying light-form which a young Irish friend of mine called, “the flying gummy bear.”

Of course you can consider that the light-form is flying toward the camera, in which case he, she, or it, has two “goggles” and a rounded “tail;” however, the momentum seems to be away from the camera, which makes he/she/it seem like a flying teddy bear.

In the second frame, the light-form has shape-shifted and has indeed gone farther away from the camera. Now it is a disk, still composed of what looks like pure white light.

The cottage I rented for five years in the rural Kilkenny countryside was called Ballinvaugh. It had 19 very old apple trees which were in bloom. The tree which the light form has flown toward, or into, in the second frame, is a beech tree. There were a number of huge beech and chestnut trees.

Fairies are said to love apple blossoms, and in fact I took photos of “herds” of “fairy globes,” too. The largest orb is hovering near a daffodil close to the ground, but most of the photos show numbers of them hovering above the apple trees. These globes have visible “membranes,” around the outside and were transparent, or nearly so, in the interior of their orbs. I might post these photos another time. I did not see the globes with the naked eye, either.

The entire area is very mystical. The Castlemorris Forest is just across the soggy green field, and my landlord’s mother had encountered fairies there as a child. There is a wonderful old ruins and graveyard close by, and the Harristown Dolmen is just a few miles up the road.

A word about why people are fascinated by UFOs and the paranormal, including my “flying gummy bear” whom you can call Sakima, if you wish (my cat would be ok with it).

I am one of the writers on these subjects who does stretch into science speculation. I always say “maybe” or “perhaps,” I do not give one science speculation explanation as some kind of gospel truth. However, I did not enter the UFO field because I like science fiction and speculation.

With me, the UFOs came first. I had several encounters when I was a young child. You can call these “abductions” if you wish, they fit that definition. I have physical evidence of these encounters, so I might be considered better documented than some abductees. I have a scar which my parents knew nothing about (I quizzed then at length), my brother who is ten years older, knows nothing about, and which could easily be seen as meaningful because of its laser precision (in 1950?!), and location. I talked with Budd Hopkins at length back in 1980, about becoming one of the “unexplained scar” cases which he documented at length, and I decided against this joining Budd’s study. This is not a reflection on Budd Hopkins, whom I liked very much.

So, I have lived with UFOs and the paranormal all my life. I have had many unusual experiences and sightings throughout my life; in fact, I consider them normal and I’d be devastated if they left.

I like science fiction because I know there is a whole universe out there which humans do not perceive or know about (but this is changing!). I enjoy science speculation because of who I am and what I have experienced since the age of 3; I suppose I am trying to find out more about myself.

In fact, my mother was not supposed to be able to have another child due to surgery for ovarian cysts, and I was born ten months later, so I may have been “of that other world” before I was even born. I am not a science fiction writer who has decided to play around with the UFO field and come up with a bunch of crazy theories.

I am not saying I am unusual or exceptional, because I know nearly all of us who write about UFOs, who speculate, document, wonder, and are generally obsessed, came by it through being different ourselves. Some of us take the scientific route, others take the spiritual route. Some of us take both, call us bi-routers.

We may have had a birth which should not have happened, or have been adopted, or have seen a ghost when we were a child, or we may have seen a UFO, or we may have been in a bad accident and become a “different person” after that accident. There are a million variations, and I have counseled abductees, star people, light workers, enlightened humans, whatever to call us, for 30 years now. My approach is to stop thinking of oneself as an abductee/victim and consider all the worlds which have opened up, because of one’s strange experience.

It’s called making lemonade out of a lemon – that’s if you consider having an encounter as a “lemon.” I consider it “lemonade” in the first place!

Of course there are people who had a really frightening abduction, and I realize they cannot make lemonade out of it.

Ultimately, my abductions were positive and I would not change a moment of them, though I suspect they existed “outside” of the “time” we humans know.

I suspect that nearly all of us who love science fiction and science speculation, and who enjoy UFO Digest, were attracted to science fiction/speculation because of our actual experiences with the unknown. It is part of the search if you wish it to be.

There are millions of science fiction fans who are not into UFOs at all and therefore would not bother to write an article for UFO Digest which is a mini-science fiction story.

There is also a great difference between science fiction and science speculation. For instance, it is science speculation that UFO occupants control their craft through their thoughts. Fact: Our military is working on having its pilots control their craft by thinking the orders to the controls.

On the other hand, “Superman” and “The Green Lantern” are science fiction.

We have all had different experiences on our life path; they can’t be summarized as “this writer entered the UFO field because she is a science fiction writer,” while “that writer entered the UFO field

because she has had strange experiences all her life.” Most of us enjoy science fiction AND have had many strange experiences. We choose to explore all of this exciting stuff in various ways.

Why divide us up? Of course each person’s experiences are unique, by definition, but we all demand disclosure by governments of alien presence in our skies. We all know “they” really are out there and right over our heads, for that matter. We all know there are fakes, liars and people with mental issues but, despite all this, UFOs are real and so are their occupants.


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