A congressional panel on Thursday unanimously agreed to cut NASA’s ties with Russia space program. Congress is scrambling to fund programs to aid commercial spacecraft to take over transportation duties from Russia’s Soyuz. US government has been playing a dangerous game and has gotten caught. Congress’s mistakes in budget constraints have resulted in America falling behind in the technological world wars.

At this point, we have been defeated due to Congress’s mismanagement and stupidity. Instead of promoting funds to American workers, Congress decided to “outsource our space program.” It’s cheaper but now Americans are paying the price for Congress’s stupidity. They thought the American people would be fooled into thinking their space program was the finest in the world. In truth, it’s not and Russia and China’s space programs are surpassing us. Outsourcing is not an efficient or best for defense security. US computers are vulnerable due to outsourcing. President George Bush retired the Space Shuttle program with no other alternatives except outsourcing to Russia. His gutting NASA leaves America vulnerable and ended up costing us more. I can guarantee the price tag Russia will want us to pay will go up.

Outsourcing appears wonderful as long as your friends with the country you’re playing with. Putin has given the reality call to Congress that Russia is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the ISS space station. We were told by media that everything is just fine when in reality it is not. Russia is on record threatening our astronauts on the ISS and what can we do in this vulnerable position.

It will be 2017 for the soonest US commercial rocket or spacecraft to take up astronauts to space. John F Kennedy would be furious at how Congress has let the American people down. We knew well ahead that the Space Shuttle program would be retired in 2011 and are now in 2014 in this vulnerable position. Congress has been placed in the uncomfortable position of looking like idiots. Their funding is too little too late. Russia has the upper hand whether they like it or not. It’s going to be like many divorces costly and very messy. It may end up turning into a World War and US vulnerability is showing. The Emperor has no clothes and everyone sees it.

Source Houston Chronicle article Panel: Cut the NASA – Russia link by Stewart Powel Houston Chronicle front page

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