Vatican and NASA Conference discuss implications of finding Alien life

 A conference was held with over thirty top astrophysicists,astronomers,scientists, NASA officials, and  the Vatican  to discuss the implications of finding Alien life on other planets and  the ramifications of that discovery to world religions. Last year conference the Vatican chief astronomer pointed out that Saint Francis considered the idea that Earth’s animals were man’s brothers. Why wouldn’t alien life or aliens be considered our brother also in the main idea of God’s creation of the Universe.                                                                                                                                                        

Above is a picture of the ceiling at Saint Louis Basilica in Saint Louis the dome structure when looking up looks like a flying saucer like structure. In the middle the Tetragrammaton sits in the middle which is the name of God.

The major discovery of water on the moon and the possibility it exists on other planets was announced last year. Water is a major component for life. The discovery this year of thousands of exoplanets like Earth brought the news of more possibilities of life in the universe. Earth is not unique in fact far from it. It seems that NASA and the Vatican are working on the best plan on telling the people of the Earth that finding Alien life is coming soon possibly. The news that Titan has some indications that alien life may exist came out this year also. It seems the agenda of slowly giving pieces of information to the public continues. The concern is the ramifications to human race which has a spiritual history and what  the affects of a reality of alien life existence.

Elijah and Ezekiel had encounters with heaven and the creatures from heaven. Ezekiel was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot. Religious art over the centuries have portrayed these encounters. The Catholic church has placed the imagery and art in their churches.

The Vatican discussed the issue and debated with the scientists of NASA on the issues down the road. Vatican and Science have had a great war in the past. Galileo is a prime example where he was arrested and tried for his scientific announcement that the Earth rotated around the Sun. The Church’s doctrine of suppression has changed to now taking the initiative of working with science hand in hand.

I’m giving the heads up to people that the Vatican and NASA are preparing a strategy on how to deal and prepare people’s spirituality with the fact of aliens. If you discover alien life on a planet then it won’t be too long before intelligent alien life becomes the next conclusion. How does  the God play into these discoveries. Genesis may have to be reviewed and the idea of original sin evaluated was a conclusion brought up by the Vatican. Eve and Adam eating of the Tree of Knowledge which created original sin and the Great Fall of mankind would seem possibly strange if discoveries of intelligent life on other planets.

Can mankind handle the news that we are not alone? How is the news going to be handled and so religious leaders have been brought in for the discussion. The Vatican may have had information centuries ago that this day may come. In cathedrals with their dome structures the congregation often looks up to a ceiling of stars, saucer like pictures, and angels. Angels were from heaven and the fiery chariot with its wheel takes Ezekiel to the heavens.



Moses encounter with the angels and heaven. Many artwork show Moses with rays coming from his head which depict his radiant face and his ability to speak to God.


The Ark of the Covenant created by Moses was a powerful object which contained the stones given Moses from heaven. On this Ark of the Covenant is the symbol of the eye of RA on the Ark under the lamb . The Egyptian technology far advanced could have connections to the powerful deadly device of the Ark. One wonders for centuries the artists and churches have been giving us subliminal hints at what the future had in store for us. We need to prepare ourselves of the possibility that we are not alone in this universe. Religions play a intricate part in the dynamics of many human beings. Original sin plays a large part in the teachings of many churches and the story of Genesis. How will the news affect us and the change of consciousness of mankind.  What do you think?

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