Da Vinci’s Last Supper caused a stir when Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code brought to light that perhaps a woman sat next to Jesus. Da Vinci painted feminine figure in his painting The Last Supper. Some viewers see only a young John seated next to Jesus but did Da Vinci see women’s roles in the church changing in the future? Pope Francis announced he is going to look at the celibacy law of the church which was enacted 900 years ago after Jesus’s death. A severe shortage of priests has come to the attention of the Pope and he is looking for a way to help recruit. The celibacy law is a major deterrent for men signing up to the priesthood. Pope Francis is looking to reform the church and this may be one law that goes down.

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Da Vinci had visions and dreams. He wrote these visions in his sketches. One sketch foretells rising seas and floods. Mankind is watching the rising of the seas and land being taken over. Tanks, airplanes, and bicycles sketched in his drawings. Did he envision these machines in the future? Robotics was another vision and we see the drones entering in the weaponry of nations. Women’s role in the world did he paint their rise in status in government agencies and world religions. I say yes and his painting of the Last Supper demonstrates it.

Da Vinci’s paintings were made to last for centuries and he knew his work would outlast many men’s lifetimes. A woman seated next to Jesus and other apostles brings the idea of women sharing in his ministry. The church in the past has kept the sexes separate and women on a lower level than men.Da Vinci may have foretold the future of women’s roles and Pope Francis seems to be looking to solve a serious problem within the church. It’s crisis time. Da Vinci may have seen the crisis looming in the future and painted the Last Supper with a prophecy that the church in the future would see a woman seated at the table with the apostles who we know were married such as Peter. Da Vinci saw the hypocrisy of the Popes in his time that had mistresses and children. The Last Supper by Da Vinci maybe a prophecy that one day in the future a woman could sit at the table as an equal with her husband rather than the adolescent child John. The viewer chooses and consciousness changes over time. Da Vinci may have known this day would arrive and which way would mankind choose would be up to them.



Women Bishops were approved today by the Church of England


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