Why Do Aliens Play Mind Games?

Peter Dunn’s recent article, “Belief and Deception: Playing Mind Games with the Reality of Visitation” really resonated with me. This article suggests a concept on which I have tried to touch, in my various articles. I do not feel it is frivolous, foolish, or misguided to explore the possibility that aliens play mind games with us and/or stage scenarios to see our human reaction. This idea might even explain the puzzle of the “1947 Roswell crash,” as Mr. Dunn suggests. The crash debris was not a weather balloon but neither was it an entire space craft with durable material. Did the aliens stage that crash to see our human reaction, and to see our military and governmental reaction?

Why do we need to explore the possibility that the aliens are playing mind games and presenting us with staged scenarios? I believe passionately that we as humans need to begin grasping alien intelligence at the aliens’ level of perception.

Ok, maybe we can’t quite do that, just as our very smart dog cannot quite grasp why we are sitting at our keyboard several hours a day when we could be out throwing the Frisbee. As Mr. Dunn reminds us, the aliens are possibly several million years ahead of us on the evolutionary scale. How can we hope to comprehend their actions?

However, there is probably a diversity of aliens from different sources and times, so some aliens may be only 200 years ahead of us. Therefore, we might be able to stretch to perceive their way of thinking and behaving. Of course there is no such thing as “time,” so we might as well forge ahead. It looks like we really need to try to perceive as they perceive, because there are more and more of them in our skies.

Yes, we as a species must begin to understand alien intelligence and perspective. We can’t do it if we don’t try. We can’t do it if we are side-tracked on issues that seem important to us, but which were only a passing game to them. This doesn’t mean their passing game was for bad reasons; for instance, abducting an individual human, seeing how he or she reacts, comparing this reaction with other abducted human beings throughout the years, all of this seems cold and cruel to us (and is often, to the individual), but to the aliens, it may be part of a simple observation process: Present the human with a stressful, highly unusual situation, and see how he or she reacts. How much do humans vary in reaction? Get a medical reading on the individual while the scenario unfolds. Then let the individual go.

Yes, the individual is often traumatized afterward, partially by his or her own fear of the unknown. When we humans tag bears or lions, they are probably traumatized afterward also, but we figure, we didn’t hurt them; in the long run, it might help their species. I am not saying aliens leave tags in human abductees, they might or might not do this. I am simply saying that in this particular example, the aliens don’t act any differently than we humans do when working with species which are “beneath” us in intellect, or however one wishes to word this difference, between human and bear, alien and human.

Yes, abductees can report to the nearest doctor, as suggested in a recent comment to my “Not Getting Hung Up on Abductions” article, or they can write a new book (which I have not), which Jeff Davis suggests is the wrong thing to do if you are an abductee. I don’t think there can be rules set down for abductees as to what to do, how to handle the experience – rules set down by researchers. This kind of thinking does make abductees some kind of lab rats, caught between aliens and human researchers with their own agendas, however well-meaning.

What do doctors and psychiatrists know of an area they know nothing about, unless abducted themselves? Sure, they can help if someone thinks they were abducted but it turns out, they were abused as a child by their parents. However, an actual UFO abductee? Instead of criticizing those who do not report to the nearest doctor, we need to hear what each abductee has to say with his or her unique way of handling it and perceiving, and then we need to put together a scenario which shows us the aliens’ “game plan” partially based on the evidence abductees have given.

How do the aliens think and perceive? We need to include someone’s positive encounter experience along with another person’s bad encounter experience.

Over the years, UFOlogy has laid down certain rules or guidelines but I feel these guidelines need to be updated and possibly changed because of what is happening in our skies and on our planet.

Let’s start to consider that the aliens are often playing mind games with us and that they are setting up scenarios to see our reaction. For instance, we look at Roswell as black or white: a weather balloon or a saucer crash with alien bodies. What if it was a decoy, simply to lure us into their game? If it was this, it worked; we’ve been obsessed with Roswell for years.

Next, let’s play the aliens’ game back at them, or at least something similar, as close as we can come to it. For example, how do they feel when they skip from one area of the sky to another? There are reports of a military jets heading for a UFO, and, bam, the UFO pops up in a totally different part of the sky. This happens a few times, according to observers on the ground, with the jets turning to head in each direction of UFO re-manifestation. www.ufocasebook.com

Are the aliens at the controls robotic in their response to attacking military jets? If so, they hit the “de-manifest/re-manifest button without hesitation or any real thought.

Or are the aliens at the controls laughing? Is it fun to play cat and mouse with the macho-earth military? If so, we can relate to them with humor (gulp).

Are the aliens at the de-manifesting and re-manifesting controls, frightened and worried? Might the military jets actually hit them with weapons?

Then they can feel fear. Humor, fear, then they do have emotions? They can feel?

Yes, we knew it would come to this:

Star Trek was all about emotions, human emotions, alien emotions, and lack of alien emotions.

So while I am looking yet again to science fiction and science speculation, let me remind you of an original

Star Trek episode called “The Corbomite Maneuver,” in which an alien race threatens to blow up the Enterprise and will apparently not listen to reason. A frightening, downright ugly alien on the view screen simply states that the Enterprise crew has ten minutes to make peace with their deity or deities, and then – ka blam!

I’ll spare you an account of the entire episode but Captain Kirk seemingly tricks his way out of the immediate destruction and then shows mercy to the alien ship when it gets into trouble. It turns out, the frightening ugly alien was a puppet of sorts, and the true alien was a little guy tending that quadrant of space all by himself. He has been testing human action and reaction, with no plan to blow them up at all. In the end, he offers the humans a drink of “tranya” and the two species get to know each other. There are other episodes of

Star Trek and other sci fi shows, in which aliens were staging scenarios for the humans’ benefit or perception (so aliens could know the true ways of humans).

Therefore, I think we need to bring more science fiction and speculation into our efforts to understand UFO occupants, not less science fiction and speculation. It is not a mistake to dream, to imagine, to guess—at what these alien beings are doing! Take a guess: are they laughing? Our true human intelligence lies not in black and white rules and thinking, but in all the colorful hues of dreaming and imagination. Let’s show the aliens some real intelligence!

We need to seriously consider that often, the aliens are presenting us with staged scenarios: A low-flying highly unusual craft gliding just over the treetops, shining a light onto our house and into our lives? How can we fight them? How can we stop this glaring intrusion?

Fact is, we cannot stop it, any more than the bear can stop being tagged with a microchip.

I do not know if the strange low-flying craft is real or a hologram (I think it is solid/real, but that is only my opinion), I do not know if its intent is good or bad or in between. (I do know none of these strange craft have fired on us).

However, maybe none of these questions on which we always dwell, is the most important question. Maybe it is time we humans perceived the aliens’ humor, if they have any. Maybe it is time we perceived they can be frightened (if they can be), when military jets show up. Maybe it is time we perceived their projected scenario and the reasons for it. Do they have a compassionate goal all along? It is possible but not written in stone as some new age groups would have it. Again, there are good and bad guys out there.

To begin to perceive the scenario, we do need to guess, to take into account – alien emotions and thinking. It obviously has a lot of grey area, just as we do.

Maybe it is time we yelled at them, “Hey, I know you are playing some kind of game!” Isn’t this almost the same as yelling at the sky, “I AM! I AM!”

Consciousness! Interaction of two forms of consciousness! Now there’s a start!

Our old UFOlogy rules are keeping us from progress. No science fiction? No dreaming? No speculating?

It is time to go for broke. Yell back as that low flying strange craft goes overhead, “I perceive your game!” If you get abducted, sit there as calmly as possible and ask them questions about themselves as Betty Hill did. Betty gave us valuable information on the aliens because she controlled her fear. She did not play victim in their game.

Sure, maybe the info they gave Betty on their origins, was a game too or a lie. But then we know they do lie! We know there must be reasons for their lies. Maybe they are truly our own quantum selves, odd fetuses, from a strange part of our own consciousness and they don’t want us to know this. I doubt this, but let’s start probing them! However, it is hard to do, hard to reach up to that glowing orange orb overhead.

Another way of looking at this: Let’s start being the best we can be as humans. Let’s not blow each other up. Let’s not make needless wars. Let’s not be greedy as we scratch up that stuff we call money which holds us as our own slaves. Let’s show respect and be kind to Earth’s other creatures, including those tagged bears and lions. Let’s give them save habitats for their children instead of mowing down their homes for human development, oil, and hamburgers. Let’s treat our planet with enlightenment, lest we kill her. The aliens are apparently watching – whether we like it or not.

I understand that Real Time Abductees worry about Earth’s future after their abductions. Isn’t this the same concern as many new agers have? And yet, new agers, channelers, spiritualists, are poo-pooed by UFO researchers. Actual abductees are also criticized if they write a book about loving Mother Earth before we destroy her; instead, these abductees are supposed to check in, to be researched by “researchers,” and be cloistered for examination and/or debriefing.

Could it be that abductees are given the same information by the aliens as the more spiritual new agers are given? For all the alien mind games, are the aliens seriously trying to tell us that our planet is in jeopardy, mostly through our own human carelessness and aggression?

And if an abductee finds solace and meaning in a spiritual message, shouldn’t this be allowed in UFOlogy’s “rules” without kicking that abductee out of any serious consideration?

All in all, we need to let the aliens know that we can perceive mind games, too. We understand staged scenarios, we engage in these all the time ourselves, even in our bedrooms with our sex partners.

We are not victims. Also, we are not like our dear dog, not understanding at all why we sit at the computer keyboard. We can begin to understand the intricate, confusing behavior of the aliens and their decoys, their ruses, deceptions and their staged scenarios.

We will assume the aliens, at least some of them, do have a great sense of humor. This is not folly to assume, it is not irresponsible to assume, it is a step toward our own comprehension and possibly, our own survival. “The greater the mind, the more the need for child-like playing.” Look at the human nerds on their computer role-playing games with their avatars!

For a long time, humans have been trained that there is always, The Enemy; The Enemy has no positive emotions. Thus, the Germans, in World Wars One and Two, were said to have no compassion, no pity. The Japanese had no humor, and were mindless killers. The Vietcong were said to have no families in their home villages whom they loved. The Enemy is a robotic bad guy.

Let’s not apply that long-indoctrinated human mindset to the aliens. I am sure they vary as to good and bad. But there is a huge grey area, no pun intended. Humans tranquilize bears and then set them free. The humans doing this tagging have good long-range intentions and laugh or cry as they work with wildlife.

We have to build a bridge of understanding to the aliens. They cannot remain a puzzle to us forever. Maybe that is their game: “When oh when will you humans realize that you can build a bridge to us? Of course you can, you silly human. Let go of your fear and your old “rules,” perceive us now as you perceive yourselves.”

It is the only foundation on which we can stand.

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