2004/2005 Backyard Sightings Oshawa

Hope you are keeping well there. I’m very happy to have found some archive footage filmed here at home in Oshawa.

The year of this particular sighting goes back Winter 2004/2005 in my backyard. I had filmed this white light anomaly on a Sony Analog camcorder. This white light anomaly came in from the northwest and hooked southeast.

Click here or on photo above to watch video

Thought it was lost in my computer four years ago. Happy to have found it and share with you and those interested in subject.

In bringing this short footage to the computer. I had to play the Analog footage through the TV set. Hence recorded from the TV screen on my digital camera. Then to download the actual strange UFO footage onto the computer to view. Sorry about the poor quality. Yet, There it is !!

Caught on film what the eyes observe.

PS: Most sightings have happened in only so many seconds as illustrated

Enjoy Summer 2011


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