UFO Sightings Over Scarborough, Ontario!

By Paul Shishis

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On Friday, September 5th,2008.
While exiting outside Eglinton Squares Mall in Scarborough from lunch near Pharmacy Ave, I looked up in the sky and noticed a strange black object flying pass heading eastward.

The size looked about 2-3 feet in diameter and changing form as it moved by above. The altitude would be between 200-300 ft above the ground. Speed would be about 10-20 mph. The movement was staying constant on a straight flight path.

I ran to my car and grabbed my camera which took less than a minute.

The object had now stopped over Warden Ave and Eglinton Ave. Distance away was less than a mile away. I took four pictures within a minute.

The object then started to rise up and head eastward. Suddenly, it started to down pour with rain. That’s when I lost sight of this object I had been photographing. These four pictures indicate different shapes from the same object. Please note the last image taken is heart-shaped 
In observation the following Monday, September 8th 2008. While working in Scarborough at 10:55 am in our building. There was a thunderous sound from above.
I grabbed my camera and ran outside to see what it could be. 

As I have illustrated in the picture taken.
A very low flying C-130 military cargo plane that flew over the roof of my work place heading southwest.  I do wonder if this low fly by is a confirmation of a presence in the area of Scarborough at that time.
Special thanks to Chris Russak for picture enhancement.

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