Unknown Black Craft With Propulsion Trail Photographed By Child

I was sent a couple of extraordinary pictures by my friend Jack, from Ajax, Ontario.

A new fellow that recently started a job at Jack’s firm, and his name was Sal. In conversation with Jack and Sal, UFOs had surfaced in topic. Sal opened up personally with Jack.

He mentioned at Rice Lake in the Kawarthas where he has a family cottage. That he and other cottage goers have witnessed strange lights over the Lake late at night. Noting that August has been the month observed with the most unusual sightings witnessed.

Sal shares two incredible photos with Jack what he later discovered on his computer.

Back on the month of August 2008 at dusk, While on route to their cottage on highway 45 north. Sal’s children where snapping many pictures with their new camera in the car.

Both Leanna and 11 year old Sebastian took many pictures through various directions on travel.

About one month later Sal had noticed a strange image on two of the pictures that one of the children took.

Sal had sat on these photos for about a year wondering… I had later spoken with Sal in regards to these images and  confirmed that there was no I-Pod/Walkman gadgets on the dashboard in reflection.

Based on Sal’s testimony regarding these images I would say one of his children captured a unknown flying craft with a propulsion trail.

There have been many stories of UFO’s in cottage country in Ontario. I find these photos to justify that of an unknown presence happening routinely!

I would like to thank Sal in sharing.

Added by his children Leanna and Sebastian Working together in truth for a better world

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