Want To See A UFO? – Easy Tips

I have discovered through my personal experience and research into UFOs that many  millions of people whom have actually witnessed UFO sightings and similar paranormal events.

I find it disturbing.

There are ‘many’ more of our human population whom have not yet even witnessed one or may ‘not’ even remember witnessing one or more.

Yet these sightings do continue to escalate worldwide each day. These facts are now well known and Governments worldwide have confirmed in releasing some of their UFO files.

These countries include  the UK, Mexico, France , Russia, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Finland.

Including March 3rd 2011 Spain


That these sightings have been occurring for generations and worldwide to all walks of life.

Worldwide Governments are now shaking down the truth of this phenomena activity happening more to the citizens of the world.

Even the Vatican releases information.

On the desired date May 13th 2008.


“It’s ok to believe in aliens” statement on May 13th

Just as the same date being the first sighting Lady of Fatima sighting May 13th 1917- coincidence?


This information brings a closer perception to our human population. That there is in fact something non-human that is certainly observing us. Added that our space and time is shifting through light energy. So now it’s time to turn the table around for those in their life . For those who want to see UFO that never have. Here are some experienced and researched tips. If one wants to connect in seeing one.

In my statistics of date experience is the following: I find that the moon cycle plays a big part.

Such as the actual dates each month. Full Moon, New Moon, First and Last Quarter.

Added to the Eclipse events even seen in the day. These moon cycle dates opens more a window of these unworldly’s. Timing also plays a factor! At exactly what time will you see one? Many UFO sightings are reported from dusk until just after midnight.

Even in the early morning before sunrise many are witnessed and reported.

Location usually is near around a large body of water and or strong Ley Line areas. Yet would this data be enough information for someone to actually see a UFO?

If you really ‘want’ to see a UFO.

That comes from within the person of one’s ‘inner’ attunement. It’s like to adjust your vibrational antenna to a frequency of another channel to one’s consciousness above and around. This would be like a deep emotional meditative/pray state. Connecting with your inner self of existence and perception.

Once your deep thought is in tune wanting to see a UFO or paranormal related activities. One must now turn off all electronic distractions. TELEVISION BEING THE BIGGEST PROGRAMMER! Then like a terrestrial native that you are in DNA print. Ground yourself back to nature away from all artificial gadgets.

Go outside and look at marvel of being part of nature’s connection. Then one can now observe the mechanics of our food chain in play that we are a part of. The willing perception to be connected in the real beauty of what surrounds you. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To look up is quite a unorthodox method to many people.

Yet we all look down or straight ahead, why never up? Why would that be happening today? Our Sumerian Ancestors were taught to be sky watchers for a reason. The real key to seeing a UFO is to want to get outside more and look up in thinking in seeing one.

Like a Fisherman one must have patience and a strong neck in looking and waiting.

At any time of the day or night or when you get that feeling – Don’t look straight ahead or down. Start to now look ‘up’ to see what also flies in our skies: stars, planets and our conventional aircraft up there.

Connection to understand one’s thoughts of science and spirit. It is like the microscopic world in the level of organization of matter. There are higher intelligent forces around us like the microscopic world we exist in. Be that curious George or Georgette.

Once you see one to confirm this connection. Your awakening to your psyche. Will further reveal more to follow in spirituality of fascination – not fright. Not to mention the truth around you here on the ground. Good Hunting for those wanting to see a UFO.

PS: It does not hurt to have camera and a pair of binoculars at hand to help understand! That we are not alone in the food chain of intelligence.

Paul Shishis

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