Paul Shishis


I have been experiencing paranormal events since 1963. My first memories start back at age 4 in Scarborough,Ontario ,Canada. The number of these occurrences were observed and remembered between 1967-2002, Some added with many witnesses. All nine sightings were observed only in the month of August between 1967-2002. *All were at night time, except one in 2000. One was a "close in encounter " [CIE] of the first kind on August 4th,1977 in Scarborough/Westhill,Ontario with: Two witnesses. On August 3rd 2002, while at camp, near Bloomfield, Ontario. I witnessed two white lights moving in unison at around 2:30 am, I signaled them by flashlight and waited for a reaction. Seconds later, both lights made redirectional turns, in unison without stopping or slowing. This confirmed both lights were from one big craft moving over Lake Ontario. Coincidentally, there were crop circles found that morning August 3rd 2002 in Howick, Quebec. There is a resemblance in the same pattern of circles,with the lights on the craft witnessed August 4,1977 - another coincidence? I had then decided to investigate and research subject on my own after talking with local investigator -V V. In 2003,my perception of my surroundings had changed mentally/emotionally inside me. This was generated by pure shock of witnessing paranormal objects that defy our very understanding of matter, added with paranormal on the ground. In 2003, I witnessed over 16 sightings, along with 18 witnesses - 14 being during the day and continued to research various subjects that are interconnected.

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