UFOs Filmed Over Ajax,Ontario

By Paul Shishis

My friend Jack from Ajax ,Ontario has agreed to share photographic evidence of UFOs over Ajax. This township is located in the Durham Region. Ajax is about 10 kilometers east from Pickering ’s Nuclear Plant.

Jack resides quite close to Lake Ontario’s shoreline. He has witnessed many daylight sightings in Ajax since 2007 alone, and or with other witnesses.



Jack has been quite fascinated to film these unknown anomalies. Through much of Jack’s time in sky watching there. His results have been quite successful. Furthering results for Jack in filming. Back in the Summer of 2008 ,from his backyard. Jack set up and left his camera running to film the sky above. After about 10 minutes The sound of a low flying Cessna caught his attention to come out. He later reviewed to see why ‘two’ Cessna’s flew by close together In the footage filmed.

Jack was successful to film a UFO with a flashing light –craft/probes directly above his home. In reviewing the footage. It would appear the presence of the plane moved off this UFO quickly away from the area. The very shape and movements confirmed something quite non conventional in aircraft.

I find this short video very interesting to share. I would like to thank Jack for sharing.

Click here to watch video!

To again confirm once again we are NOT alone.

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