2012…The Morning After


We’re almost there. The end of the Mayan calendar, that super, hyped-up date is only a few days away. Are you ready for it? Some are having their hair done and getting manicures and pedicures in preparation for what’s to come. They want to look their best for whatever is to happen.

“So, what is to happen?”

Well, since you asked I guess I might as well give you the probable scenario. On the morning following the time of great importance, with a loud groan you’ll get out of bed and stagger into the bathroom. You’ll stand in front of the mirror for a few seconds before you realize it’s dark and you can’t see anything. You start feeling panicky, wondering if the prophecies were right and the sun has died. Or even worse, you have died and nobody has told you. Then you suddenly remember you forgot to turn the light on. You reach over and flip the switch. And there, in full glory, or should that be gory, is your unadulterated reflection staring back at you in the mirror. Hair sticking out every direction in such a mess that a rat’s nest would look neater. Eyes red and puffy and still slightly crossed. Your face is sagging so bad that to get a facelift would require the doctor to use a bumper jack to get it back in place.

That’s when you know for sure. The world didn’t end. The world didn’t get better. Nothing has changed.

Remember…you read it here first.

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