Star Souls

By Louis Hart

Long before our current civilization star beings visited and walked this Earth.  They were instrumental in preparations of the natural habitat we are privileged to live amongst today.  Although we don’t know for sure at this time it’s almost certain that our physical bodies are genetically tied to them.  We’re all probably part of a universe-wide interconnected family.

Just as in the days of old the star people are here now and walk among us completely unnoticed.  In fact, they never left.  They are all around us and we interact with them every day.  They could be our next door neighbor or maybe the checkout clerk at the local supermarket.  The members of your family, yourself included, might have originally been Andromedan, Pleiadian, or possibly Zeta.

Now before you go looking for people with pointy ears, or trying to see if their sunglasses are hiding big weird eyes, please realize I’m not talking about hybrid lookalikes nor disguised ETs sneaked in by UFOs.  Though it’s true that there are countless numbers of those on Earth, what I’m referring to mostly is the perfectly normal, everyday variety human being.

These people come to Earth in the standard manner called childbirth.  It’s what takes place at the moment of birth that makes the difference.  In that magical instant when the child takes it’s first breath on Earth, a Soul enters that tiny body.  For quite a number of years those incoming Souls have increasingly been star Souls from the far reaches of the Universe.  As of the present time the majority of life streams on this planet are linked to ET worlds.  This will continue to build as the days and months go by.

In this quiet and unobtrusive manner we are truly becoming a part of the intergalactic community.  What a beautiful way to make the transition.

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