An Unbalanced Earth

There are a lot of unsettling things happening around the world these days. Strange, changeable, and often violent weather is occurring with increasing regularity. Earthquakes, massive volcano eruptions, and rising sea levels. Thousands of birds dropping dead for no apparent reason. Scores of fish dying.

Even more disturbing is the bizarre and unpredictable behavior of an increasing number of people. In addition to the ongoing problem of individuals mentally or physically abusing their spouses and children we now are seeing various persons walk into places of employment, public stores, schools, even houses of worship, and shooting people at random.

I’ve had a number of inquiries asking what it’s all about. Is this just a phase we’re going through or will it continue for the long term? Will there be more mass animal deaths? Many are deeply concerned and it’s understandable.

The answer is somewhat complex because there are so many variables, yet the general cause is that the Earth, along with a large percentage of the human population living upon it, is out of balance.

In the case of the mass deaths of birds and fish, the principal villain is pollution. Both in the air and water realms this is a stigma we have brought on through our lack of consideration for nature, yet now the animal kingdom is paying the price. Regretfully, there will most likely be more to come.

The weather and planetary disruptions are the result of cyclical patterns in place for millions of years but complicated by the previously mentioned nemesis of global pollution. Added to that our disregard for and misunderstanding of the importance of the natural world is forcing Mother Earth to take drastic measures to restore her equilibrium.

Finally, due to the tremendous excess of negativity and greed for power and money, the upsurge of obviously confused or deranged individuals and even some groups of people will continue for awhile. Until the realization sinks in that we are all in this together and loving unity is allowed to blossom we will continue to suffer the consequences of separation.

I’ll wind this article up by offering an important bit of encouragement. Contrary to all the clamor from the doom and gloomers, we are not entering into the start of a doomsday scenario. Such an event is not going to happen.

Concentrate on loving all of Creation. You might be surprised at what a difference that can make.

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