Clouds Or Something Else?

By Louis Hart 

Clouds are clouds.  If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.  Right?  Well, not necessarily.  Oh sure most clouds are of the standard everyday variety that range from white, fluffy looking cotton ball affairs all the way to the dark, somber stormy ones with lightning flashes and tornados hanging out of them.

But then there are those other ones.  The strange ones that people, for the most part, never notice.  I call them intelligent clouds. I’m not sure they are even visible to everyone.  After all, if these clouds are intelligent or maybe hiding intelligent beings then what would prevent them from selectively obscuring their presence?  Maybe they have cloaking devices or something.

What do these intelligent clouds look like?  I live in the mountains where we often have rather unique shaped lenticular clouds.  They have been mistaken for UFOs by people who are vacationing and see them for the first time.  Although lenticulars may appear strange they still move through the sky like other clouds.

So, more than the way they look, it’s the manner in which intelligent clouds behave that will usually be notable.  Instead of floating along as regular clouds would do intelligent clouds may zigzag, move straight up or down like an elevator, or even make a sudden u-turn and head back in the direction from which they came.

What are these things?  A Shaman friend says some of them are friendly spirits.  I agree with this and in those cases a certain benevolence is projected by them.  Are they all in this group?  I’m not so sure they are.  On more than one occasion I have felt a very uncomfortable energy being emitted by one of them.  A definite alien feeling that felt rather ominous and creepy.  In those instances I did the only sensible thing I could think of.  I got the heck away from them.

Keep an eye on the sky.  You can never tell what might show up.

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