Something Lurks in Lake Tahoe



By Louis Hart

Does a creature lurk below the surface of Lake Tahoe?

It’s a big, blue lake.  The water is cold and deep.  Very deep.  In some places the bottom is over 1,600 feet below the surface.  Due to icy temperatures and the purity of the water if a person drowns the body often sinks, forever suspended in the frigid depths.

Even with all its breathtaking beauty, Lake Tahoe has many mysteries hidden in its depths and surrounding mountains.  There is about it an aura of forlornness.  Many times when I am near the shore I sense a presence lurking.  Although it doesn’t feel evil it’s unsettling enough that I always refrain from swimming or even wading in the water.

What could it be? Maybe the restless souls of those who have succumbed to those deep, cold waters over the years.  I’m sure that there have been more than a few.  Also the Native Americans who originally lived in the area considered the lake to be sacred.  Perhaps their Ancestral Souls are unhappy over the White Man’s desecration of the area.

Or…maybe what’s lurking could be The Lake Monster.  There have been reports of sightings over the years of something big.  Something really big.  The naysayers believe it’s probably a large Sturgeon.  However with descriptions of something about the size of a battleship and a long dinosaur-like neck the idea of an over-sized Sturgeon just doesn’t work.


The Story of Tahoe Tessie: The Original Lake Tahoe Monster

As could be expected the lake monster has been given a name.  Tahoe Tessie, patterned after Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.  Tahoe Tessie is pictured as a smiling, good-natured monster and that might not be so far wrong.  There have been no reports of a massive lake monster swallowing boatloads of people or even going out of its way to scare them out of 10 years growth.

Is there really a monster lurking in the lake?  If so why haven’t more people seen it and why haven’t there been many pictures taken of it?  I’m inclined to think Tessie, along with many other reported lake monsters, is an inter-dimensional creature and does not necessarily reside permanently in the lake.  This could explain why all the searches in places such as Loch Ness have never found anything.  If this is, in fact, the case then in all probability the lake monsters will forever remain an unsolved enigma.

For more information on Lake Tahoe and Tessie simply click on the title of the book: The Story of Tahoe Tessie: The Original Lake Tahoe Monster

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