Twinkling Lights And Sparkling Snow

by  Louis Hart 

It’s all white and pristine snow.  Sparkling ice crystals constantly send forth dancing rays of multicolor light.  There’s a special energy here.  It’s invigorating.  Makes a body feel young again.  The whole place exudes joy and love.  Gentle laughter drifts through the clear, brisk air.  Not a hint of pollution is anywhere to be seen.

Low, snow-covered mountains look down on a beautiful little village nestled in the valley below.  Perfectly shaped Christmas trees are scattered about, each one decorated with strands of twinkling lights.

The center of the village is dominated by a busy workshop with Elves constantly coming and going.  Adjacent to it is the small, cozy looking home of Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Nearby stands the colorful stables that house the reindeer.

This is the North Pole.  Santa’s North Pole.  It’s not what I thought the North Pole would look like.  I expected a vast, unbroken expanse of white, mostly featureless and flat.  But this place is wonderful.  Even with all the cold and snow it has a warm glow about it.  The feel of a perfect home.

Over the years there have been countless people who have traveled the frozen north yet none have seen a hint of Santa’s abode.  Suddenly I realized why.  Santa and his world exists on a slightly different harmonic from our standard workaday 3rd dimension.  For most of us it is hidden because of our narrow-sightedness.  We have lost touch with the inner child and in doing so the magic has vanished.

In the next few years, as our consciousness continues to expand, I think more of us will reconnect to that place of inner joy and wonder.  To be able to see into the magical worlds that are all around us can be a delight beyond description.  Are these worlds real?  This is a question each one of us will have to answer for ourselves when the time comes.  The key to that coming decision is to begin developing now an open mind and an all embracing love for others.  If we can do that then the coming years can bring us nothing less than a joy filled existence.

It’s truly something we don’t want to miss.

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