Air Force Created Specifically For UFO Surveillance

By Louis Hart 

Yesterday I received a very interesting email from a friend whom I know to be extremely reliable.  The information in the email is a real eye-opener.  With the intention of aiding the evolution of humanity and helping it awaken to the reality that we do in fact have UFOs and ETs visiting us I am presenting a copy of the email below.


March 18, 2011.

I thought you might be interested in the conversation I had with a police officer at Langley Air Force Base last night.  He had signed up for my class, and stayed after for about 30 minutes, while we had a fascinating conversation.

I eluded to something in a post about a year ago, about seeing something at my workplace that I wouldn’t divulge on my website.  I had seen a large, square aircraft hovering over a stoplight when leaving work one night.  It was immense.  It made no sound, but was moving slowly over the base.  It damaged my inner ear, because of the pressure underneath.  Another car, and myself sat underneath it while it passed overhead.  At first, I thought it was an airplane.  I had no idea that I was actually witnessing a “ufo” until I described it to my husband.

I didn’t report it.

But, when I told this police officer (my new student), he told me that the Air Force was created – specifically for UFO surveillance. I called my husband, who looked up the dates for Roswell, and for the creation of the Air Force.

Sure enough, the Roswell incident happened two months before the Air Force was created from joint forces – in 1947.

The police officer told me that “very few people knew this.”

Now I know it.  And, now you know it – too.

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