The Key To Everything

by Louis Hart

It’s hidden, just barely out of sight.  Untouchable until the appointed time is at hand.  But it’s there.  It truly does exist.

I’m referring to the key to understanding everything, including the mysteries of life and non-life, God, the essence of spirit, and countless things we humans have never even dreamed of.  In our present earthly condition our comprehension is so limited even the so called brilliant people really know next to nothing on a cosmic level.

Ah, but if we could only find that key.  Then all would be crystal clear.  Maybe, just maybe, we could utilize this knowledge to help turn the world around so it could be a totally beautiful and peaceful place.  But it would be a difficult task.

For even an advanced seeker, simply tapping unprepared into such a deep esoteric treasure trove could overload the physical body and short circuit the mind, along with the entire nervous system.  For those foolish enough to try and take it by force the result would destroy them.

How does one prepare to make the connection and survive it?  Obviously the key to everything is not to be located in the physical 3rd dimensional worlds.  To have a chance to find it necessitates learning to operate consciously in the spirit body.  Not the astral nor even the soul body for they are not of a high enough vibration.  It must be the pure spirit body.

Preparations for achieving this ability take place over many lifetimes of learning and unlearning, purging the effects of all negativity, and emptying out all of the programming that has been force fed into the entity.  The lifetime that will afford a person the opportunity to establish that inner connection is very often filled with grueling challenges and hardships, either physical or mental, and often both.  Yet, considering what’s at stake, I would think one would willingly tolerate whatever might be necessary.  Especially if that person knew what it was leading up to.

Although all will eventually have access to this knowledge it appears that relatively few actually acquire it during the cycles of their earthly lifetimes.  Working in the spirit body, mentioned above, is really quite difficult for most 3rd dimensional beings. Therefore such highly esoteric information is usually revealed after one has made permanent ascension into the higher realms.

The few that do learn the secret while in a physical body tend to keep to themselves and work quietly to help in whatever ways they can.  If they do choose to work publicly they usually end up being insulted, ridiculed, and berated.

I know of two men who tapped into the key.  Each one began his own unique spiritual organization, both of which became quite popular for awhile.  Yet, since the death of both men a number of years back, the two organizations have both diminished to the point where they are almost unrecognizable shells of what they once were.  And still, even many years after their death, the detractors continue to hurl insults at and question the motives of these men.

It appears that there are many who have never heard of respecting the dead and it seems to especially be open season on those who were gifted with cutting edge spiritual concepts.

Anyway, keep your eyes and especially your heart wide open.  You never know when something unique and wonderful may open up in your life.  Maybe even the key.

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