Three Disembodied Souls From A Disaster

As I sat at the computer glancing over the never-ending headlines about the dangers of the nuclear plant meltdown possibilities I began to wonder about the souls that had been suddenly ejected from their physical bodies as death came calling in the form of the earthquake and tsunami.

Feeling a familiar inner tug I quickly left the computer and settled into a comfortable chair.  As the sun was quite bright I draped a towel over my head and face to subdue the light.

I closed my eyes, withdrew attention from my physical body, and began to softly chant a mantra.  Almost immediately I was standing in an area of total destruction.  Nowhere could I see even a partially standing building.  Only heaps of rubble.

I thought for a moment that all life forms had deserted this place until I became aware of a man standing in the midst of a pile of debris.  He was frantically trying to dig down in it but couldn’t seem to get anything to move.  After a moment he looked up and saw me standing there.  He motioned for me to help him.  The fact that he could see me indicated he was no longer living in his physical body.

As I joined him he asked me to help him find his wife and baby daughter.  I immediately saw the futility of what he was trying to do.  Because he was no longer physical he was unable to grasp or move any physical substance. Although he had not realized it his hands simply passed through the solid debris when he attempted to grab it.

I touched his shoulder and indicated he should watch.  I reached down and slowly passed my hand through the middle of a large board.  He bent over and watched closely.  I gently took his hand and passed it through the solid wood along with mine.  I shall never forget his shocked expression as he suddenly became aware that he was no longer physically alive.  He broke down emotionally then for he thought he would never see his loved ones again.  I held him quietly as he wept.

Then, as I stared at the dismal landscape, I saw what can only be described as an Angel appear.  She had her arm around a beautiful young lady who was holding a sleeping baby.  The Angel nodded to me and I slowly turned the man around so he could see them.  He gasped and the Angel motioned for him to come to them.

It was a joy to watch that reunion.  And then, the happy father, mother, and baby daughter, along with the guiding Angel, slowly disappeared.

Alone now, I stood awhile in the stillness of the place.  And I knew that all the anguish of sudden death that had transpired here would eventually pass and the land would once again flourish with a full measure of the love and laughter of life.

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