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The Hovering 12 Foot Angels: During a long flight, the pilot, co-pilot and navigator of a cargo plane witness angels in the sky. They claim that the angels had wings, 12 feet tall and were simply hovering in the air. The angels were in a circle facing each other, as if they were having some sort of meeting in the air.

Mothman of The Tower Bridge: We all know of the Mothman of Point Pleasant and there are stories that this harbinger of doom was seen before 9/11. Mark Greer (Sacramento resident) and 2 other witnesses in Sacramento that want to remain anonymous claim that they saw a Mothman type of creature along the banks of the Sacramento River. Mark claims that he saw the Mothman on top of the Tower Bridge. This was all reported on News 10. The other two witnesses did not want to be identified, due to the fact that they did not want to be ridiculed in regard to their sighting claim. If the Mothman is a harbinger of doom, it must be noted that nothing disastrous occurred in Sacramento after the sightings. The only disastrous occurrence in Sacramento and the State of California was our State budget fiasco.

Flying Light Being of Greenwood, Indiana. 1996, Pricilla Jiron and Sharon Jansen witnessed a strange light in the night sky zipping around. At first they thought it was a UFO due to the erratic flying behavior of the light. The flying light approached them and then it hovered. Both women could distinctly see that the light was in the form of a man, it had a head, arms, hands, legs and feet. This creature was made of pure light. As they watched, the flying light being placed it palms downward and from the palms of this entity’s hands a radiating light beam shot downwards as if it was the force that propelled the entity to fly straight up into the night sky. This is exactly what happened, after the light beam shot downwards, the entity shot up into the sky and in a blink of the eye, it was gone.

The UFO Alien: The website called ‘High Strangeness’ reports about a UFO that was an actual alien and you can read about it here: http://www.highstrangenessufo.com/2014/05/the-ufo-that-was-alien.html

There you have it, a listing of some of the top flying humanoid cases from the Esoteric Library of the Strange.

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