Below is an article I wrote several years ago. I updated the article the best I could. I have been on over 1000 investigations, about 1/3 have been called demonic by the client. Out of 400 demonic cases, I have only seen 3 that may have actually been demonic. Demonic cases are a rarity. If an occupant says that they have an attachment, I will give them a Baptist baptism (full submersion into water). Many people do not realize that a baptism is a basic form of exorcism. I will conduct a Roman Catholic blessing of their home and call upon God’s angels. I am very successful with my baptisms and house blessings. Plus, my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson will conduct a metaphysical house cleasing with sage and most recently with Palo Santos wood. 

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Town: Lockford, CA Year 2006. Two women, one in their 60s and her god-daughter in her 30s. Both raised parrots for a living. The two women seemed very sweet and nice. When I conducted the interview wit the 60 year old, her face started to distort to something evil. She told me in her interview that she had visions of killing men with a baseball bat, bashing their brains out. 15 minutes later, I saw the god-daughter dancing, twirling around in a circle carrying a baseball bat. She had a maniacal look on her face and laughing hysterically. I ran out of the house in fear of my life. I am not afraid of ghosts, nor am I afraid of demons, but I am afraid of a living human being holding a weapon. I truly believe these two women were possessed. They made claim that they saw a black mass in the hallway that would come every night at 2am or 3am. This black mass demon would sexually attack both of them. Both women had bite marks on their necks, shoulders, chest, thighs. I did not stay around to watch this demon attack, because of the baseball incident. Nowadays, when people tell me they have an attachment, I don’t hesitate in giving them a baptism. Because of my fight with the demonic, I received the name…the Demon Warrior, my inspiration for being the Demon Warrior are the Knight Templars.

Below is that old article I have been talking about. Please enjoy. Also, if you have a chance, watch Mysteries of Angels and Demons, I am the featured Demonologist for this documentary. 

Hello. My name is Paul Dale Roberts, demonologist and occult investigator. That is one of the perks of being a writer, I can basically give myself any title that I want. But, let me digress. Why would I call myself a demonogist? Have I ever exorcised a demon out of a possessed person? The answer is ‘no’. Have I ever investigated a demonic home? The answer is ‘no’. But, I will tell you I do know something about demons and in this article I will take you down the road of demonology. Some of our greatest demonologists have had failed attempts of exorcism or identifying a demon for that matter. Failed attempts that actually lead to death. But, we’ll talk about that later. Where did this term demon come from?

Homer used the term demons and gods more or less interchangeably. Demons were thought of as intermediaries between men and gods. Some people even thought that demons were once men, while others thought that demons were once angels and that they followed Lucifer in his coup against God and were banished to Earth. We now think of demons as malignant spirits that are here to do us harm. To be a good demonologist, here are some steps in identifying certain demonic attributes, let’s look over them.

Demoniacal Possession:

When a human is inhabited or ‘taken over’ by a demon. A possessed human will have no control over their own will. Most cases of demon possession have been diagnosed as mental illness. The Catholic Church in the shadow of Josephus is known to identify and exorcise real demoniacal possession.

Demon Influence of Mankind:

Most people felt demonic activity increased during the rise of Nazism and World War II. According to many spiritual leaders, demons set the motion for events with groups like the Peoples’ Temple and David Koresh’s cult. The main goal of demons is the ability to turn mankind from God and lead us down to destruction, such as the mass suicide done through poisoned Kool-Aid event in Guyana under the influence of Reverend Jim Jones or the Waco destruction that David Koresh initiated when confronted by the ATF and the FBI. From the 70s to the 80s, strange murders were taking place on the US Eastern states in which the suspects were telling the police that God told them to commit murder. Many people believe that what these murderers saw or heard, was not God or an angel, but was a demon in disguise of God or an angel and would influence the suspect to commit random murder.

Bringing Demons into Our Lives:

Demons live in an outworldly realm and they need a portal to enter our own reality. Many people believe a portal can be opened with the use of an Ouija Board. Other portals could be in our own being, paranoid schizophrenia could be a link to altered mental states that may be connected to a strong psychic ability, such as LSD took many people in an altered state of consciousness that may open an inner portal within ourselves, that may allow a demon to inhabit our bodies. Interdimensional portals are not always for demons as in the case of the Skin Walker Ranch in Utah. This is portal that opened up near this Utah ranch that brought in UFOs, appearances of huge otherworldly creatures, a bulletproof werewolf, flying orbs of light that have dazzling maneuverability. This portal brought on poltergeist activity and even vanishing and mutilated cattle. So-called experts claim that perhaps the UFOs are interested in the Gilsonite deposits near and around that ranch, but that doesn’t explain away the bullet-proof werewolf that appeared. The last wolf in Utah was killed in 1929. The family that lived on the Skin Walker ranch were terrorized by the entities that seem to be flowing from this portal. Perhaps the legend of American Indians that were known to be skin walkers or shapeshifters, that inhabited the area around this ranch were influenced by this mystical portal into the unknown. It makes you think that all things paranormal may just be connected, because even demons seemed to make their appearance from the portal at Skin Walker Ranch. Perhaps portals into the unknown can lead us like some Stargate, into other dimensional realities where energy beings, werewolves, demons and aliens may exist.

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