A Look At The Mark Of The Beast

Back in  1977 is when I first starting reading the Bible to any degree. One segment that has fascinated me to this day is Revelation 13, particularly the part regarding the number 666. Since then I wondered how this would come about, how it would be sold to the world’s population, why it would be implemented and for what purposes it would be used for. All I knew then is that the 666 would be put into everyone, regardless of their social or economic status and placed in their right hand or forehead.

From what I’ve gathered since the 666 mark is a microchip linked to a global computer which could very well be “The Beast” from what I am told is located in Belgium. Once inserted into the human body, the microchip is to be the only way a human could make a financial transaction. But are there other ways the microchip can be utilized? Signals would go from the chip to the central computer but signals could go the other way. If so, could individuals and crowds of any size be controlled to be passive or aggressive, stimulate or suppress any emotions, have any disease injected into them or have their thinking processes scrambled and brain waves altered?

The microchip can be sold to us humans in several ways. For years pets have been microchipped or tattooed so they can be returned to their rightful owners. Next could be sexual predators so their whereabouts would be known 24/7. Those on parole would be right behind so it will be known right away if they were violating their parole conditions. Children and those with any form of dementia will be targeted so they will be located quickly in case they get kidnapped or get lost in the woods or in the neighbourhood.

Parents who refuse or attempt to keep their children from being microchipped may find themselves targets of guilt and shame from peers. Imagine being told several times; “Don’t you love your children enough to want to protect them from harm?”

I can see the microchip being a GPS signal that monitors a persons whereabouts 24/7, the ultimate invasion of privacy. Once we can be spied upon at any moment, it ceases to be funny. Just how far will people go in giving up their civil liberties in the name of security? David Icke once asked what kind of dictatorship is in store when people can’t decide what is put into their body.

The microchip would replace passports and all other forms of personal ID and would contain all personal information about the person it is inserted into. One of the sales job about this microchip is that it can’t be stolen or lost. But is it worth losing all sense of privacy. I think not.

Those refusing the microchip will be thought of as having something to hide or not caring about the global common good, one of the oldest tricks in the book.

I see a part of the microchip uses is to shut down the part of the human brain that controls rational thought. Plus the microchip could very well suppress the human ability to awaken from their slumber that keeps them from seeing what is actually going on.

With the technology we have today, can you imagine how true the constant monitoring of Orwell’s “1984” has come about?

Ron Murdock
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