Promise Keepers: Legit or Cult?

“The demise of our community and culture is the fault of sissified men who have been overly influenced by women.” – Tony Evans, prominent leader of the Promise Keepers.

The above quote makes me wonder which is a worst influence, women that Evans is thinking about or the macho attitude that comes out in his quote. 

It did seem like a good idea at the time when Promise Keepers – PK’s – got started in the USA in 1990. But like many other things how much has the PK mandate changed since its inception? PK’s originally had large groups of men come together to take a good look at what could be changed in their lives and become better fathers and husbands. But has PK’s become a political movement with some kind of hidden agenda? 

About 100 to 150 protesters, mostly students from a Saskatoon university, felt this way. We came together on the day that the PK rally was held at Saskatchewan Place and let our presence be known. For 3 hours we marched, spoke and carried signs that reflected what we thought PK’s were all about. 

One of our goals was to promote diversity in spiritual beliefs. Spirituality is not a case of black and white or developing a us versus them mentality but is an area where there is a lot of overlap in common beliefs. At the protest, we wanted to show there was more to show there was more to human beings than the standardized ideals that the PK men want to have. The question I ask is a person any less of a human being because of sexual preferences or marriage status. One of the PK men brought out his wife to speak to a few of us. It was like listening to one of the women from “The Stepford Wives.” 

While it does state in Leviticus 18:22 that a man is to refrain from having sexual relations with another man, it also mentions in Deuteronomy 21:18 to 21 that a son who is rebellious and stubborn is to be taken before town leaders by his parents. If found guilty, the son is to be stoned to death by the men of that city. If taken literally, how many of us, including PK’s, would be around to tell their tale or live to adulthood considering how teens like to push the envelope with their parents. Ask a PK about this and see if a case of selective bible believing is in store. 

It is unwise for PK’s to dismiss any criticism that comes their way. They are entitled to their opinions but there are other ways of looking at things and how individuals approach their spiritual walk. 

One thing at the protest did give me hope and warmed my heart. Most of the protesters were young adults. It showed that they give a hoot about the world around them and are willing to stick out their necks for what they believe in. 

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