Uses Of Profiling

I’ve wondered just how much organized religion has turned people off from believing in a God or afterlife. Each religion claims they have the one way to truth but with the different versions of what is being told I’ve openly wondered if there is some kind of scam or cover-up happening. It’s like a pyramid scheme is in order and only those at the top really know what is going on. Much like figuring out what really happens after the moment of “death” is speculation or wishful thinking, so is the conspiracy theory in trying to find out just what is happening in our world. But it does appear that many religions are traps or jails to imprison people and keep them from seeing things as they actually are.
Social engineers must have a hey day with organized religion on how peoples strings can be pulled in many ways. It must look like a puppet or marionette show. Religion is a great way for authorities in power to tell people what to believe or not to believe, who to associate with, what job to take on or even who to marry. All in the name of some kind of God, who at times, is made to look like some kind of manic/depressive tyrant.
People are bend, stapled and mutilated to fit into a rigid profile of what is expected of them. We do have the freedom to say no but we must snatch that decision from those who want total charge of all aspects of life. And who knows what kind of duties, activity or mandates those really in charge want us to take on and subjected to group consensus opinion.
I’d like to know how much we are profiled and what it is used for. I suspect a lot of this information is forwarded to advertisers, who then bombard us with their products. But then who is to say this same information is used to pigeonhole people according to their situation in life. Imagine the problems that occur or trying to place a square pet into a round hole. If people are denied the chance to make their own decisions, we will find ourselves living in an Orwellian world run by bureaucrats.
What happens if a person disagrees and won’t go in the direction that “social” workers want them to be at? It would probably be a tough chore to undertake as the system is hard to change. And it moves so slow and so much bureaucracy is involved it may be near impossible to reverse. Want to change things? Stay away from forms, professionals and experts. But then how many of us are comfortable being part of the herd mentality and never step out to live their dreams or develop passion for something.
How much is organized religion part of this social engineering? I would say depends on how much the religions have been infiltrated by those who think they know what is good for rest of us. We need to take power away from behavioural therapists and take responsibility for our own lives and quit being sheep or the walking dead.
In order to do this, we need to get away form our drug induced sleep or get rid of the mental sludge that has built up inside ourselves. Life is waiting for us to enjoy and not think of it as an endurance test.
Change is a necessary part of life. We can’t stay the same all the time as we get into a rut masquerading as a safe routine. But we don’t need to be transformed by or live up to the expectations of social planners.
There are only two things to do in life. Get busy living or get busy dying. Which one will you choose?
Ron Murdock



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