World Government: Good Or Bad Thing

For some time I’ve taken an interest on the subject of a world government. Two questions I raise is where this world government will be located and how can those involved with it can make decisions for all areas of Planet Earth. I can’t see how a centralized global government can expect people of different regions to go along with decisions made by officials that haven’t been there to know what that particular region really needs.
I don’t want to come across as being overly paranoid but I do wonder how much of this power would affect those on the world government staff. Plus how much of each countries sovereignty would be destroyed in the process? With the Inter-Net the way it’s set up, more information can be brought up so one can decipher the good info from the bad stuff on what the world government is up to or has planned for us.
It would be interesting to find out how much supporters of a world government are using language to keep people asleep. Most of us seem to be lulled into a false sense of security of what is really going on around them. Keep them in a dead end job, paying off the mortgage or high rents, living from one cheque to the next to the point most humans become little more than sheep. Who has time to enjoy life and what it has to offer when one is tense and worried about their situation in life most of the time.
I reckon a world government could be in effect by the end of this century. What it will bring remains to be seen but I suspect it could be a worldwide Orwellian society. A lot depends on how many people are willing to give up personal freedoms for security. I think it’s frightening that people are willing to be monitored 24/7. Would these same people be willing to be whipped back into line if authorities thought they were getting too independent in thought or deed? Enough soothing talk from those in power could keep people form having a good look on what is happening and taking appropriate action if a world government isn’t beneficial for the human race.
I was involved with the Baha’i Faith for a few years. One thing on their agenda was seeing the formation of a one world government. I started asking question on what was to be expected but was told to not ask so many questions and just accept what I was told. This didn’t go over well with me as I’d rather make up my own mind and not be kept in the dark. As much as I found most Baha’is were good enough people, I wonder if they swallow everything their headquarters, the Universal House of Justice in Haifa Israel, tell them. All in the name of global unity I imagine.
One could ask why would a global government be implemented. Some would say it would be for the good of humanity. Others might argue that groups like the Bilderbergs or Illuminati want total control of the entire human race. I can see democracy being pushed out of the equation as bureaucrats take over completely.
I guess I could be called a paranoid conspiracy theorist for doing my small part in warning of what could be heading or way. If the world’s population woke up in time, could we turn things around?
Ron Murdock

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