Uses Of Mind Control

Mind control would be used by authorities lurking in the shadows to keep the rest of us in line. I’ve wondered which groups are used as fronts to keep an eye on peoples comings and goings on. I suspect those in the clergy, politicians, teachers, among others are used to monitor those around them and use what ever methods at hand to keep people asleep at the switch so they don’t become independent thinkers.

I heard that during the Gulf War in the early 90’s that Iraqi soldiers appeared so disorientated that they surrounded to journalists. These actions apparently, were linked to psychotropic weapons, something never denied being used but never confirmed either. I’ve written about microchips being implanted into the human body that could very well control all aspects of the human it is in. Another method of controlling the population is voice to skull technology. With a hypnotist at a microphone, I heard one could use mind control without an implant and could be done easily and effectively without any sensation.

I’ve found there is many methods of controlling people’s minds. It can be religion with its many variations, all using some form of good versus evil. Politics with its party whips keeping party members in line. Every time I hear of a politician in trouble and having to resign, I wonder what the real reason is and if it is a behind the scenes one not made known to the general public. The education system is a farce from what I’ve seen and experienced. How much learning is of real value or is school just a breeding ground for group think?

It seem as if there a shift of territory to control our minds and finances like David Icke said in his book “The Biggest Secret”. Also the effects of a heavy workload over long hours, mixed with little sleep and quality recreation time puts people into a robot state of mind where they become extremely suggestive to anything. I’ve wondered how much information of what is really going on is being kept hidden and what is released is a twisted picture of what is possible. With keeping the TV set on or radio playing for background noise, I wonder what the subconscious mind is picking up on as they’re doing other chores. Control the mind and their behaviour can be controlled.

It’s amazing how much of an Orwellian world we’re living in. What would George Orwell think if he could see how much our world has turned out to resemble what is described in his book “1984”. It is a case of black is white, dark is light and evil is good.

Now that I written about the problem, it is time to get some solutions on the go. Each individual holds the key to let themselves out of the emotional and mental prisons they put themselves into. No one else will do it for you. Then you can connect with your Infinite Potential to control your own destiny.

Find the getaway car and enjoy the ride.

Ron Murdock
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