Use Of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are all around us all the time. We’re constantly bombarded by audio and visual messages that want us to choose from a various amount of products that advertisers think are good for us. It’s almost as if something is out to take over our mind and souls. Too much constant information has people shut down or pacify them to the point that they are kept from seeing what is really happening in the world.
It seems as if the various advertising outlets try to convince us, the public, that we will reap so many benefits if they buy certain products. Buy our aftershave or beauty products and the other sex will be all over you. Buy the latest computer game and you’ll be the envy of your school mates. There are more subtle ways of bringing in the customers. Stop by a bakery or coffee shop and see how many people walk in, buy something whether or not they are hungry or thirsty after they smell the aromas outside the building.
This is not to say that advertising is right or wrong, it’s just the way it’s used that makes it good or bad. To the good, advertising lets us know what products are in the marketplace so people can effectively shop for the best brands at the best prices. A drawback is when advertisers start dictating how people should think or feel. The public should be on alert on how their lives are being affected and how their opinions can be manipulated. People need to learn how to think and use common sense to combat the illusion of what is laughingly called normal.
The media has largely been neutered in reporting the news. Instead of the straight goods, we’re getting half truths and mind candy on the latest diva. How many journalists have been compromised by being told how to write a certain way or lose your job. With a mortgage or rent to pay, family to raise, journalists could easily fall into line. Newscasts have little time to cover the days events so they gloss over what they do cover.
TV is a very effective form of getting subliminal messages into the subconscious of the general public. Long periods of sitting in front of the boob tube must put people into a hypnotic and suggestive state of mind. The average sitcom shows unrealistic versions of real life. Reality TV is little more than sensationalistic hype, along with most TV talk shows that ruin the mind. Talk about a major contribution to the dumbing down of society.
The enemy of those who use subliminal messages is a population that knows how to use critical analysis. We won’t learn from those who have been bought and controlled by wealthy interests. So we need to start the process of self initiative so we can reclaim our souls and minds.
Ron Murdock

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