Which Standards To Abide By

“True nobility is not about being about better than someone else, it’s about being better than what we used to be.” – Wayne Dyer
The major problem I have with any organized religion is how they feel they can decide what is good for everyone else. They seem to have forgotten that people are capable of making adult decisions for themselves. All is needed is people learning how to think as opposed to being told what to think. Plus I’ve found non religious people at times are stereotyped by any of the religious communities. Arguing or debating someone into the same viewpoint creates more conflict than what is necessary. Plus it shows a lack of compassion for other people and dehumanizes them.
It seems as if the different religions were set up to control the human mind, create conflict between people through a us versus them mentality. All this to divide and rule the Great Unwashed which makes them easier to control by those with the real power. Most members of the various religions follow the party line, imposed by religious leaders through methods of fear, guilt and suppression of alternative thought. While I believe that anyone has a right to believe what they want, I don’t think it should be imposed on anyone.
I don’t believe there is a chosen people or race that God has picked over anyone else or one group over another. We are all equal before God and one day we will answer for our actions. But how many people are reluctant to accept God’s guidance because of fear, ego or feel they don’t deserve God’s love?
With so many concerns in the world, Organized Religion must decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Religious believers must start looking in the mirror to see what they must change themselves. Barriers need to be broken down between people so the communication lines can be opened up. Giving people a hand up in life is better than keeping them in mental prisons.
Organized Religion needs to stop being part of the establishment. Jesus came to show us how to live by the spirit of the Law not by the letter of it. Churches can become a hospital for the spiritually wounded and provide a haven for those less fortunate, going through a rough patch along with sticking up for those down on their luck.
A persons spiritual life is a 24/7 process and not confined to Sunday services or mid week bible study. People can accept responsibility for their own spiritual renewal and connect with other believers on the same journey. People need to connect with Holy Spirit to guide them on their life’s walk.
Ron Murdock

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